Victor & Rolf’s new scented vision: Spicebomb Night Vision in a box

Victor & Rolf's new scented vision: Spicebomb Night Vision in a box
Victor & Rolf’s new scented vision: Spicebomb Night Vision in a box

With Flowerbomb, the two stylists Victor & Rolf entered the perfume industry with a bang by daring to overdose, the play of a provocative image but above all a fragrance that would fall just right in order to offer its singularity to the world. In order to offer the same daring to these gentlemen, Spicebomb came to launch their burning spices in their nostrils in 2012 and since then, he has never stopped reinventing himself as with this powerful and enigmatic Spicebomb Night Vision presented today in a box… “disarming” of beauty!

When the bomb is offered at night, Spicebomb Night Vision is offered in a box

With Spicebomb, it was for Victor and Rolf to strike hard and whether it was through the grenade bottle, its explosive sensuality advertising carried out drum beating by Sean O’Pry or for its ultra contrasting composition, Spicebomb was going to make an impression. It is true that Spicebomb dared to overdose on spices thanks to new notes in male perfumery such as saffron, chilli or cinnamon. With each new variation, a new journey into overdose, as with Spicebomb Eau de Toilette or Spicebomb Extreme. What does this 2019 opus, Spicebomb Night Vision, have in store for us, presented as a nocturnal weapon in its pretty party box?

“LIGHTS OFF, THE GAME CAN BEGIN. With Spicebomb Night Vision, VIKTOR & ROLF explore the territory of Night in the most searing of ways. Male seduction is experienced with the lights off in an obsessive and provocative nocturnal game. »Victor & Rolf for Spicebomb Night Vision.

So this bottle with emerald green lights, wanting to remind us of firearms equipped with night vision, will play with its obscure portrait to seduce us sometimes with aromatic and green freshness, sometimes to intoxicate us with intense woody-spicy notes and divinely manly.

Spicebomb Night Vision, a vegetal explosion between hot and cold

If it was the very famous official perfumer of Chanel, Olivier Polge today gone to the skies of Gabrielle, who designed Spicebomb, it was the two perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Pierre Négrin who worked on Spicebomb Night Vision while retaining the very original framework. contrasted with this explosive Victor & Rolf Spicebomb.

Spicebomb Night Vision opens with an accord of black spices but above all with the wonderful marriage between multiple citrus notes (grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin) and multiple aromatic herbal notes (lavandin, clary sage and rosemary) in order to create a feeling of pure, icy energy. At the heart, it is the greedy fruits which mingle with the burning spices as with the green and peppery notes fusing and so cold. Thus the sweetness of pineapple, red fruits and apple is coated with nutmeg and chili before being “jostled” by the scathing notes of black pepper and geranium. Finally, the almond brings its roundness to ultra virile and sensual woody depths composed of cedar, tonka bean, cloves and patchouli.

Presented in an elegant metal box playing on its resemblance to the boxes of nocturnal weapons, Spicebomb Night Vision will be offered in a 90 ml format accompanied by a 50 ml shower gel.

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