The candy from Viktor & Rolf

The candy from Viktor & Rolf
The candy from Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon is a fragrance that offers a unique olfactory sensation. Indeed, as its name suggests, it plunges us into a timeless experience clearly evoking the gourmet world of childhood. The essence of Viktor & Rolf thus celebrates femininity through a particularly innocent touch.

The greed of Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon is a glamorous scent. Nevertheless, it also sticks to all the audacity that we know of the Viktor & Rolf brand and thus plays on several facets. It has a provoking little couture side, an innocent childish aspect as well as a particularly surprising elegance. The creator of the Viktor & Rolf brand also says that “Bonbon is a timeless sensation that invites you to a moment of pure pleasure. The one who wears Bonbon lives an unprecedented sensory experience, he says, on the verge of auto-eroticism. A supreme pleasure which belongs only to her and reveals her own story to her. Celebrated, fulfilled, her femininity and sublimated. This says a lot about the pleasure of this daring scent. Bonbon is halfway between confectionery and high perfumery.

Candy, a pure olfactory pleasure

Of course, Bonbon is a gourmet juice. It bases its scent mainly on the smell of caramel. This one is worked in a clear, milky and crunchy way. They are initially embellished with a biting aspect linked to the presence of tangerine and orange. Nevertheless, the paradise peach brings a pulpy creaminess to this one. Then, Bonbon is more feminine in its heart. It combines jasmine and orange blossom for a more floral and solar finish. Finally, the base of Bonbon is creamier. It is particularly full of woody and amber notes as well as sandalwood. However, Viktor & Rolf did not just target your sweet tooth. Indeed, Bonbon is a real pleasure for the eyes. Its very colorful bottle, forming a sort of big knot, is a real technical feat.

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