Patchouli, the cult fragrance of Reminiscence

Patchouli, the cult fragrance of Reminiscence
Patchouli, the cult fragrance of Reminiscence

With Patchouli, the Réminiscence house signed its greatest fragrance in 1970, the one that will bring a couple of tireless travelers, the Amaddeo, into the golden book of timeless perfumery. Because Patchouli is not only a languid oriental vanilla, it is also a scent coming from still distant countries which make young women dream and turn a bit hippy. Patchouli is an ode to these “peace and love” years , like a scent of “reminiscence” of our most beautiful memories…

Dreams of the Orient, hippie years and Patchouli of Reminiscence …

When Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste meet it’s love at first sight! Love at first sight that will push them to discover everything together, to give birth to their most beautiful dreams and their most beautiful creations jointly, always. Because these two are artists, passionate about jewelry from elsewhere and perfumes that are exhaled only in small bazaars at the end of the world.

By opening their first boutique in Juan-les-Pins, the precious memory of a Patchouli scent encountered in London by Zoé Coste had to come to life. Here and now, in the cradle of the perfume flowers of Grasse. Luckily, they cross paths with an “alchemist magician” named Francis Camail, who will create a woody and deep Patchouli for the couple.

Because Patchouli is a perfume that takes us from its first notes to mysterious and oriental elsewhere. A fragrance that can be tamed with the skin, with the winds. But it is also and above all a formidable fragrance of freedom which, despite a very discreet release compared to other perfumes, will make a special place in the hearts of the many lovers of the Orient of the time.

You will understand, Patchouli de Réminiscence is a cult fragrance. It is a perfume born of passion, a little by chance, just out of desire, but a desire shared by a multitude of young people in search of the Orient. Even today Patchouli remains a benchmark in oriental perfumery.

“If Patchouli is the witness of an era, it is because it endures like rare things. Reminiscent of Patchouli.

Patchouli de Réminiscence: the gourmet woody flavor of a whole generation

The Patchouli bottle plays with a beautiful sobriety where the few stars strewn and the tilted glass are highlighted. The goal of Patchouli was not to sell marketing but a pure and amber fragrance. Logically the bottle does not seek to shine but just to exhale the beauty of its amber juice.

Patchouli opens with cedar wood from Virginia and patchouli from Indonesia, we are already in beautiful and warm sensuality! At the heart, Australian sandalwood and Haitian vetiver carry us away in their woody and nervous powers. Finally, the animalities of tolu balm and labdanum combine with the indulgence of vanilla and a generous tonka bean to form a deep wake to this wild Patchouli.

“This perfume exudes the scent and charm of an era. He alone embodies the spirit of the 70s: the taste of the Orient, sexual freedom, the call to leave, the dream of India, the temptation of a certain bohemia, colorful fabrics, spices , the bazaar spirit… ”Reminiscent of Patchouli.

Building on the success of this fragrance, variations of this fragrance have emerged : Patchouli N’Roses and P atchouli Blanc . So there is necessarily a “patchouli” made for you at Réminiscence.

Discover the Patchouli fragrance by Reminiscence …

Reminiscence Patchouli

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The myth and elegance of Patchouli.

Since 1970, Patchouli has evoked dreams, escape and mystery. A fragrance of ultimate femininity, the notes of this woody oriental, which has become a classic, embody the soul of Reminiscence fragrances.

Symbol of freedom, bohemian fragrance, timeless fragrance that has marked a whole generation of women.

Patchouli Perfume by Reminiscence

An initiatory scent, this fragrance is a secret that women have passed on by word of mouth, from mother to daughter since 1970. Hippie era, scent of travel, of freedom, Patchouli and the imagination soars to distant horizons. Patchouli magic and fascination continue today.

A fragrance to be experienced as a wonderful, unique and sensual escape.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli

Notes de Cœur : Santal, Vetiver

Notes de fond : Labdanum Ciste, Baume Tolu, Vanille, Muscs Blancs, Feve Tonka

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