New Couture Blush Yves Saint Laurent

New Couture Blush Yves Saint Laurent
New Couture Blush Yves Saint Laurent

Add some color to your life with Couture Blush by Yves Saint-Laurent

Getting fresh air is good for your morale, but also for your face. Indeed, walking outside and breathing deeply gives you an instant healthy glow. Yes but here it is, it is almost impossible to have the rosy cheeks permanently. So how do you go about bringing that fresh, sparkling air to your face, even when you don’t have the time to take a break from the outdoors for several hours? Blush is THE solution! Always more sophisticated, it is one of the stars of the makeup department. At Yves Saint-Laurent , the time has come for refinement and sophistication. Focus on Couture Blush!

The many colors of the Couture Blush by Yves Saint-Laurent

Presented in a small golden case, the Couture Blush takes on a very refined allure, and is embellished with a small applicator brush. This powder is already available in 10 colors, enough to give free rein to all your desires and adapt to different skin tones. Yves Saint-Laurent Couture Blush is different from other products of this type because its powder is formulated on a water basis. As a result, Couture Blush merges perfectly with your face. Its color and your skin become one, for an infinitely natural look. Whatever color you choose, it fades and modulates as you see fit. The Couture Blush will make up you in a simple swipe without ever creating a material effect. Its fine texture offers an instant second skin effect. However, the Couture Blush by Yves Saint-Laurent is very pigmented. A small amount of product is enough to make up your face. What’s more, the color of Couture Blush is very durable. Its hold is remarkable and gives you good looks from early morning until evening. Yves Saint-Laurent Couture Blush is the secret to successful makeup and instant skin freshness.

The two methods of applying Couture Blush

The Couture Blush Yves Saint Laurent can be used in two different ways. For a natural look and a radiant healthy glow, as if you had just spent a day in the great outdoors, all you have to do is smile and apply Couture Blush to the most rounded part of your cheekbones. On the other hand, for a more sophisticated result, we advise you to nibble the inside of your cheeks and accentuate the hollow that emerges in the most prominent part of your face. The Couture Blush therefore refines the oval of your face and structures all of your make-up. It thus serves to improve the relief of your skin.

You will understand, the Couture Blush by Yves Saint-Laurent is a new generation make-up that has many advantages. It combines an intense and flexible color, a fine and comfortable texture, an irreproachable hold, and an easy and progressive application.

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