Neymar, Diesel’s Spirit Of The Brave Intense New Ambassador

Neymar, Diesel's Spirit Of The Brave Intense New Ambassador
Neymar, Diesel‘s Spirit Of The Brave Intense New Ambassador

Spirit Of The Brave Intense, Diesel signs a fragrance synonymous with daring and determination

Founded in 1978, the Diesel house quickly enjoyed worldwide success. First a pioneer in the world of jeans, she then entered the perfumery, giving birth to a multitude of fragrances synonymous with elegance and casualness. However, once again, in 2020, the Diesel creator plunges us into his inimitable and unclassifiable world, with the release of a new essence for men: Spirit Of The Brave Intense. So what about this oriental scent, embodied on screen by footballer Neymar?

Neymar, Spirit Of The Brave Intense Ambassador

Like the previous Spirit Of The Brave, this Intense version is embodied on screen by footballer Neymar. Known internationally, he offers his image to this essence, while being strongly involved in its creation. Thus, Spirit Of The Brave Intense is directly inspired by his personality and his history. More concretely, it is an uncompromising fragrance, not hesitating to shake up the codes and deliver a very daring trail behind it. Designed for athletes, Spirit Of The Brave Intense is synonymous with bravery and power. It is aimed at all men in search of confidence, showing themselves by turns energizing, virile or darker. Spirit Of The Brave Intense is, in a way, a perfect combination of animality and perseverance.

Diesel’s flask features a lion-shaped tattoo on a gold background

On the design side, again, the membership of Diesel is obvious, as is his penchant for the story of Neymar. Its bottle takes the form of a closed fist, emblematic of the entire Only The Brave saga. For the anecdote, know that this bottle has its origin in the statue of boxer Joe Louis, located in Detroit, and famous for his countless victories. Here, for the very first time, the point of Diesel is dressed in a gold lacquer, on which is displayed a tattoo in the shape of a lion, like the one worn by Neymar. Very symbolic, the animal gives this perfume a direct relationship “to the body, to sensuality, but also to animality”. Diesel’s name is displayed on a disproportionately large ring.

Spirit Of The Brave Intense, a very contrasting oriental fragrance

Spirit Of The Brave Intense is an eau de toilette as sulphurous as it is intense and refreshing. Its scent is initially very fruity. Here, the green and crunchy breath of apple blends with the more lively energy of bergamot, a citrus fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Then, in the heart of this essence, Diesel decides to highlight the Brazilian origins of Neymar, drawing inspiration in particular from the dense Brazilian forest. Here, the cypress dominates and offers us a particularly wild accord. Gradually, the masculinity of this wood is enveloped in an amber vanilla, for a smooth and very seductive finish.

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