The Clarins Multi-Regenerating Range

The Clarins Multi-Regenerating Range
The Clarins Multi-Regenerating Range

From now on, Clarins Multi-Regenerants have been replaced by the Extra-Firming range .

The secret of eternal youth

Clarins is a brand recognized worldwide, number one in high-end beauty treatments in Europe. This renowned brand is renowned for the quality of its products and its expertise with exemplary longevity. Indeed, it is one of the beauty houses specializing in cosmetology, one of the oldest on the planet. All the research carried out within their establishments has made it possible to develop increasingly efficient products. Today, it is more precisely on a collection of treatments synonymous with youth and eternal radiance that we are looking at: the Multi-Regenerating range.

Clarins firms all skin types

The Multi-Regenerating range from Clarins has the sole ambition of prolonging the eternal youth of the epidermis. This collection of cosmetics has the effect of stimulating the various functions of the skin in order to restore strength, resistance, suppleness, firmness and radiance on a daily basis. With the Multi-Regenerating range, wrinkles are visibly reduced and the facial contour is reshaped. Thus, women find a second youth and the features of their face are revealed as if to make them even more beautiful. The Multi-Regenerating range appears to be essential to apply from the age of 40. It provides a lifting effect from the first application for instant beauty. Nevertheless, its effects are lasting and its benefits work day after day. The skin regains its elasticity and wrinkles are reduced without erasing the facial expression lines. What is more, for ever more efficiency, Clarins has chosen to decline its formula in different products, each one adapted to different skin styles. So that you havedry , normal or oily skin , you will inevitably find what you are looking for in the Clarins Multi-Regenerating collection. Likewise, certain treatments in this assortment target more particularly certain parts of the face such as the contour of the lips, the neck or the eyes.

The innovations of the Multi-Regenerating range

If Clarins is so successful, it is quite simply because this brand continues to develop its products based on its discoveries. Also, the Multi-Regenerating collection, as we know it today, is actually the fourth generation of this formula. This new version is enriched by a major discovery: the existence of links that hold fibers and cells together and help the skin resist shocks. In other words Clarins discovered that the skin was made like a kind of “social network”. It is sewn with multiple links used to join the fibers and cells, ensuring mobility and solidity of the skin, and allowing to maintain skin firmness. The idea of ​​the Multi-Regenerating range is therefore to act directly on this link in order to increase the youthfulness of the epidermis.

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