Viktor & Rolf Pastel Bonbon Eau de Toilette

A luminous fragrance for Bonbon Pastel

When it was released, it was described by the brand as “a timeless sensation that invites you to a moment of pure pleasure. The one who wears Bonbon, explains Viktor & amp; Rolf, lives an unprecedented sensory experience on the verge of auto-eroticism. A supreme pleasure which belongs only to her and reveals her own story to her. Celebrated, fulfilled, her femininity is sublimated. »Wishing once again to offer this feeling of happiness to women, Viktor & amp; Rolf decided to repeat the experience, while softening the caramelized smell of the first Bonbon. This is how the new Bonbon Pastel of 2019 was born.

Bonbon Pastel, a fragrance fully anchored in the world of Viktor & amp; Rolf

Candy Pastel immediately recalls the universe of Viktor & amp; Rolf thanks to its splendid bottle. Indeed, it is equipped with a glass screen unlike any other… Resulting from exceptional glasswork, it is similar to a crystalline knot, whose pink color is now illuminated. Its flamboyant color seems to draw its source from its center, to gradually fade and become crystalline at its ends. The whole is surmounted by a chrome cap, on which is attached a black wax seal, bearing the initials of Viktor & amp; Rolf. This perfume immediately evokes the couture universe of Viktor & amp; Rolf, in which the knot is emblematic. For the record, with the new Bonbon Pastel, Viktor & amp; Rolf wanted to evoke “the very first sketch of a Haute Couture dress: elegant and delicate, like a pastel sketch. An explosion of pleasure on the skin that provokes in the wearer an unprecedented sensory experience”. Developed like a sketch, the new Bonbon Pastel is nevertheless perfectly orchestrated, down to the smallest details.

When Viktor & amp; Rolf’s caramel becomes lighter and brighter

To make this niche fragrance, the Viktor & amp; Rolf house called on two talented perfumers: Cécile Matton and Serge Majoullier. Together, they were inspired by the caramelized breath of the previous Bonbon, while lightening it to make it more springy. At first, Bonbon Pastel brings together a fresh and zesty bergamot with a more spicy cardamom . Mandarin essential oil brings here a more tangy scent. A marine accord, called Aqual, also refreshes the whole thing, while this start is still illuminated with orange blossom. Little by little, the solar breath of Bonbon Pastel gains in greedi ness. The caramel makes its appearance and plunges us into a sweet and greedy smell. Sandalwood reinforces the milky and creamy spirit of this juice.

Presented in a beautiful bottle , similar to a large pink glass bow, the Bonbon fragrance by Viktor & amp; Rolf has aroused the gluttony of women since its release in 2014. It “invites you to a moment of pure pleasure. The one who wears Bonbon, explains the brand, lives an unprecedented sensory experience, on the verge of auto-eroticism. A supreme pleasure and which belongs only to her and reveals her own story ”. Today, for ever more happiness and sensations, Viktor & amp; Rolf offers its flavor in a brand new form called Bonbon Pastel. Designed by Cécile Matton and Serge Majouiller, this fruity fragrance is enriched with sunshine, while preserving its irresistible sweet flavor.

Bonbon Pastel opens with extreme freshness

At first, Bonbon Pastel by Viktor & amp; Rolf does not reveal his sweet scent. Rather, he relies on freshness, as if to awaken our senses and make us salivate with his overflowing energy. To refresh the atmosphere, it contains several citrus fruits. Bergamot, fruit from the cross between sour orange and lemon, gives it a touch of sweet and sparkling bitterness. Mandarin, on the other hand, turns out to be more joyful and just as zesty. These two citrus ingredients are associated with cardamom, a typical oriental scent, spicy and striking. Undoubtedly, the start of Bonbon Pastel does not lack bite!

Bonbon Pastel, a light floating on the ocean

Then, as if to preserve this feeling of freshness, Bonbon Pastel de Viktor & amp; Rolf is enriched with a sea scent. From then on, his heart becomes like a breeze from the ocean. It is at this moment that Bonbon Pastel lights up and gains in shine. For this, he relies on two radiant ingredients of the sun: orange blossom and neroli. Typical of the Mediterranean, these raw materials come from the same tree and give off a rich, orange and suave flavor. Upon contact with them, Bonbon Pastel also becomes more feminine and floral.

Viktor & amp; Rolf relies on darker and greedy base notes

But then, or could pass the emblematic gluttony of the Bonbon collection by Viktor & amp; Rolf? A little patience, the latter only fully reveals itself at its base … The base notes of this perfume are enriched with a subtle flavor of caramel. Key ingredient of the Bonbon fragrance, like orange blossom, caramel is here associated with the woody and sweet scent of sandalwood. Amber, on the other hand, makes the whole thing sweeter, while preserving a little salty side reminiscent of the oceanic breath of his heart. Thus, Bonbon Pastel displays a perfect harmony from its top notes to its wake. Musk completes its recipe with an animal and seductive undertone. Upon contact, the delicacy of Bonbon Pastel becomes totally irresistible! Don’t even try to resist the temptation: it’s time to lose, you’ve been warned!

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