Viktor & Rolf launches the Flowerbomb Twist fragrance collection

Viktor & Rolf launches the Flowerbomb Twist Collection
Viktor & Rolf launches the Flowerbomb Twist Collection

Ten years after the launch of the Viktor & Rolf brand, it decided to make its very first perfume. Designed as an antidote to gloom and an invitation to dream, this juice was called Flowerbomb . Perfume of contrasts, a real explosion of sensations, Flowerbomb quickly became an essential fragrance. Today it is considered the undisputed bestseller of the Viktor & Rolf house. He tells of a certain “desire to amaze, to surprise”. Flowerbomb is a kind of “door open to the marvelous”. However, Viktor & Rolf has today decided to sublimate it with three innovative oils designed to personalize it as it wishes. Focus on the new Flowerbomb Twist.

The concept of Flowerbomb Twist oils

Viktor & Rolf has just developed three new oils called Flowerbomb Twist. In reality, it is not a question of perfumes strictly speaking but of additional products that you simply have to add to your Flowerbomb fragrance. Thus, you can customize the scent of your perfume as you wish and adapt it to your mood of the moment. The idea is not to transform the initial scent of your essence but simply to accentuate certain aspects of it. The new Flowerbomb Twist collection consists of three different variations, one highlighting the scent of jasmine, the other that of musk and the last that of rose. To use them, it’s a breeze, you just need to add a few drops to your classic essence.

The scents of the new Viktor & Rolf oils

Flowerbomb Jasmine Twist

As the name of this first product suggests, Flowerbomb Jasmine Twist accentuates the jasmine scent of your Flowerbomb fragrance. An emblematic raw material of feminine perfumery, jasmine is renowned for its vegetal, floral, warm and opulent scent. It is a symbol of romanticism and generosity, highly regarded in many parts of the world. On the other hand, it is a very expensive product to produce and therefore exclusively reserved for luxury perfumery.

Flowerbomb Musk Twist

Musk, on the other hand, is a raw material of animal origin. It is a secretion produced by the glands of a buckshot. On the other hand, since poaching is prohibited today, the musk is entirely reconstituted in a synthetic way in the laboratory. By adding Flowerbomb Musk Twist oil to your perfume, you will get a more sensual and warm feeling than ever. The idea will be to make your fragrance more tenacious and opulent and to reveal the femme fatale that lies dormant deep within you.

Flowerbomb Rose Twist

Finally, Flowerbomb Rose Twist highlights the natural scent of the rose contained in the very first Flowerbomb. Undisputed queen of feminine perfumery, this plant has been used for its scent since Antiquity. Produced in Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco or France, the rose is highly appreciated for its many olfactory nuances. She is both tender and floral while knowing how to be warm and wild.

Now that you know everything about this new concept, all you have to do is choose which Flowerbomb Twist will enhance your initial Viktor & Rolf perfume

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