Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Pink Chrome Eau de Parfum

The new bottle of Flowerbomb Pink Chrome

This is how Flowerbomb made its appearance, instantly becoming a cult fragrance. Today, it reinvents itself once again in a new limited edition. Much awaited for the beginning of 2019, it is called Flowerbomb Pink Chrome and is embellished with a brand new bottle, it could not be more shimmering!

The new bottle of Flowerbomb Pink Chrome

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the bottle of this new perfume. Indeed, this is the major change element of this release. Only the visual of Flowerbomb has been metamorphosed and its scent recipe, on the other hand, remains unchanged. Flowerbomb Pink Chrome comes in a pomegranate-shaped bottle, indisputably reminiscent of its membership in the great Viktor & amp; Rolf family. Its silhouette says a lot about its ambitions: Flowerbomb Pink Chrome is a new weapon of mass seduction that should be exploded in your daily life to create a geyser of sensations! Nevertheless, this pomegranate is not lacking in refinement and its walls have been carved like that of a diamond. Gold, the diamond does is it not the purest and most precious stone but also the hardest and strongest there is? Flowerbomb Pink Chrome, on the other hand, exchanged its initial transparency for a new pink chrome lacquer. This one echoes its name wonderfully. Flowerbomb Pink Chrome is topped with a silver spray cap, attached to a black wax seal, proudly bearing the initials of the Viktor & amp; Rolf brand.

Flowerbomb Pink Chrome, an oriental and floral treat

You will understand, Flowerbomb Pink Chrome is offering a brand new bottle and intends to make collectors happy. On the other hand, its scent remains unchanged. Originally created by Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion and Domitille Bertier, it is aimed at all optimistic and extravagant women, who are not afraid to reveal to everyone their strong character and their assumed charms. Flowerbomb Pink Chrome sets off on a sparkling accord of bergamot and tea. Osmanthus completes this duo with its more apricot scent. It opens up a solar space relayed by the presence of orange blossom and sambac jasmine. The floral heart of Flowerbomb Pink Chrome is further enriched with rose, orchid and freesia. Finally, this intense bouquet explodes on contact with a smoother and more carnal background. Full of voluptuousness, Flowerbomb Pink Chrome ends with a woody and balsamic blend of musk and patchouli. Flowerbomb Pink Chrome is a niche fragrance that “turns negative into positive with the power of flowers”.


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