Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum

Today, it is one of the favorite juices of women. Viktor & amp; Rolf has therefore decided to surf once again on the success of this olfactory reference, and to make it a more seductive fragrance, ideally designed for the evening in order to seduce. Focus on the new Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense.

Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum, a scent of emotion

Flowerbomb was Viktor & amp; Rolf’s first fragrance, and was designed to convey the brand desire to amaze and surprise. It is like “the door open to the marvelous… A question of skin, of contact, of emotion. Live magic. […] An ideal measured by the heart. A perfume that would spring up in a bouquet to defy the dangers of time. A flower bomb that would turn negative into positive. A geyser of sensations, of fresh waves, faceted with light, to celebrate life as a utopia. “Full of emotion, Flowerbomb is inspired by two couture collections of the brand:” Atomic Bomb “from autumn winter 1998/1999 and” Flower “from summer 2003, during which Viktor & amp; Rolf had offered a mysterious vial containing rose extract as an antidote against gloom.

The new floral and gourmet breath of Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum Intense

Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum Intense takes off on the scent of a unique ingredient: a gunpowder accord. idea is amazing and brings here an overflowing, somewhat metallic energy. Then, Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense evolves towards a more floral heart. Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum Intense contains osmanthus, jasmine and orange blossom for a very feminine and solar finish. Its base contrasts with its initial freshness. It envelops itself in a more incandescent heat of tonka bean, benzoin and vanilla.

The new Flowerbomb Nectar pomegranate from Parfum Viktor & amp; Rolf

Finally, Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense is a lso embodied in a beautiful bottle. While it is inspired by the shape of a pomegranate, it is nonetheless refined and delicate. Its glass is sculpted like a diamond. Several facets face each other and reflect the light through a particularly glamorous pink juice. Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense is topped with a very contemporary chrome cap. A small black tassel is attached to its collar and bears the initials of the brand. All these elements undoubtedly recall the aesthetics of the first Flowerbomb. On the other hand, Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense appears less elongated and rounder than before. In short, it only becomes more generous.

When Victor & amp; Rolf offered us Flowerbomb in 2005, their very first fragrance, he played with provocation to surprise us, but also flowers and delicacies to bewitch us. Completely like the duo of stylists as original as they are quirky, Flowerbomb shakes up the codes to take them to extremes. After an eau de parfum and an extreme eau de parfum, Flowerbomb takes us to the heart of the flowery explosion with Flowerbomb Nectar.

Flowerbomb Nectar: ​​the ultimate scented antidote against gloom!

When Victor & amp; Rolf choose to go into perfumery, they always do so with the same daring and the same creativity as for their haute-couture collections. Moreover, if Flowerbomb bears the name of a collection by the two designers, it is no coincidence, quite the contrary, because for the two men fashion and perfume are one. Flowerbomb will therefore be the very essence of the Victor & amp; Rolf, a bit offbeat, tinged with romanticism but above all very original and very positive.

“For us, perfume has always been an integral part of fashion. When we started to create, we knew perfume and beauty were going to be an important part of our work. Fashion isn’t just a dress or just a show. Working on perfumes seemed essential and logical to us ”& nbsp; Victor & amp; Rolf on Flowerbomb.

In order to compose this good-humored cocktail, Victor and Rolf turned to three great talents in perfumery: Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaim and Domitille Berthier. Each of his perfume keyboard virtuosos has infused Flowerbomb and its brilliant successors (Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum, Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Extrême and Flowerbomb Bloom) with sparkling accords of flowers and fantasies in the image of the woman Victor & amp; ; Rolf.

So we have no doubts that the pretty Flowerbomb Nectar has the same qualities. Better still, it goes even further in excess by offering from the top notes gunpowder chords… Victor & amp; Rolf will never make a common perfume, let’s face it!

Gunpowder accords for a Flowerbomb Nectar bursting with contrasts

Two things may surprise us in the composition of this Flowerbomb Nectar. First of all, we do not know the names of the perfumers who signed this new work for Victor & amp; Rolf. However we can easily imagine that, apart from Olivier Polge gone under skies more Chanel, it will be Domitille Bertier and Carlos Benaim who will form the duo of perfumers at the origin of Flowerbomb Nectar as the brand likes its loyalty to its creators.

In addition, we are just as surprised by the famous accord of gunpowder which opens the ball of the scents of this Flowerbomb Nectar. Of course, the accord plays with a taste for provocation, a provocation that cost the bottle dearly during some of its first appearances in 2005, but what does it contain ? A priori a lot of freshness! A freshness that will play with the flowers of the heart of this Flowerbomb Nectar to better color itself in a scorching heat of vanilla and tonka bean.
It is clear that this Flowerbomb Nectar will open like a pretty olfactory surprise that will coat our spring evenings with a chiaroscuro halo of sweetness …


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