Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight Eau de Parfum

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb night version

Presented in a pomegranate-shaped bottle, it was enough to take it out to get drunk with its infinitely floral and gourmet fragrance. Concentrated optimism, Flowerbomb immediately gained many followers. Today, as if to offer a new experience to women and deliver them even more emotion, Viktor & amp; Rolf has decided to reinvent its star perfume. From now on, it becomes Flowerbomb Midnight and takes us into the heart of the night.

Flowerbomb Midnight, a question of seduction and sensuality

Flowerbomb is a very optimistic perfume, possessing within it a mysterious facet, and capable of multiplying tenfold the part of dream and fantasy that lies dormant in the depths of each woman. Today, it is precisely this same philosophy that we find in the new Flowerbomb Midnight, a more assertive part of seduction in addition. Flowerbomb Midnight is an Eau de Parfum. In other words, this essence contains 17.5% perfume oil, which makes it possess a stronger and more persistent smell. Therefore, Flowerbomb Midnight is more pleasant when worn in winter and in the evening. Quite powerful and heady, it is not really made for hot summer days but rather to light up your night out. Since then, he has the gift of revealing all the sensuality that lies dormant deep within you. With Flowerbomb Midnight, you can be sure not to go unnoticed and to be the queen of the party! Mysterious and sensual, Flowerbomb Midnight is designed for evening outings and “perfectly matched with a black sequined jacket for a night out”.

Flowerbomb Midnight Viktor & amp; Rolf, a flower bomb in a nocturnal bottle

Flowerbomb Midnight is a romantic and mysterious fragrance, which does not shy away from its share of seduction. Thus, it starts off with a fresh and sparkling breath, which alone materializes all the optimism of the Viktor & amp; Rolf woman. Blackcurrant and pomegranate intermingle. Then, they give way to a more romantic heart, composed of night jasmine and peony. Gradually, Flowerbomb Midnight becomes more carnal. It lets float a sweet breath of vanilla, solar and exotic ingredient par excellence. Musk, meanwhile, deposits on all of its animality. Purity and sensuality become one and completes its recipe.
If the design of Flowerbomb Midnight is inspired by its predecessors, its bottle is now much darker. Entirely covered with an opaque black, it is as if covered with an evening dress and takes us into a more nocturnal universe. The walls of Flowerbomb Midnight are sculpted like a diamond. The set is both shimmering, while being topped with a silver cap, perfectly matched to the plate bearing his name. Finally, the last detail which is important: a small pin located at its collar elegantly bears the initials of Viktor & amp; Rolf.

The scent of the night Flowerbomb Viktor & amp; Rolf

Flowerbomb was the very first fragrance designed by the house of Viktor & amp; Rolf. It is therefore of capital importance for the brand. “This first fragrance tells about our desire to amaze, to surprise, while forging links with women for whom dreams and life face each other. A perfume is a gesture, a sensation. A perfume is the open door to the marvelous … A question of skin, of contact, of emotion. Live magic. We imagined Flowerbomb as an ideal in the measure of the heart. A perfume that would spring up in a bouquet to defy the dangers of time. A flower bomb that would turn negative into positive. A geyser of sensations, fresh waves, faceted with light, to celebrate life as a utopia. Today, Viktor & amp; Rolf has nevertheless decided to reinvent his star fragrance to make it a more nocturnal fragrance. Focus on the composition of the new Flowerbomb Midnight.

A first fruity explosion

Flowerbomb Midnight is a pomegranate that you unpin to get drunk with all its scent. However, all the flavors do not come to our nose at once and Flowerbomb Midnight is only fully revealed in three successive stages. He is like a woman who lets herself be discovered little by little to plunge us into the heart of her intimacy. At first, Flowerbomb Midnight focuses on freshness and whets our appetite with a composition all in fruit. The blackcurrant gives it a tangy and sparkling scent, while preserving a fresher and more vegetal aspect. The pomegranate, for its part, puts on a more aquatic, rosé and feminine breath, paving the way for an infinitely romantic and floral heart.

The opulent bouquet of Flowerbomb Midnight

Like The name of this perfume suggests, all its femininity is highlighted by the very strong presence of flowers. Thus, the house of Viktor & amp; Rolf bet on flowers that are said to be powerful and tenacious. Jasmine here floods this fragrance with its suave and solar opulence. Generous, he plunges us into the intimacy of a radiant woman. From then on, the one wearing Flowerbomb Midnight is like a star that everyone notices. It highlights your best assets. With him, femininity resurfaces, making you the personality of the evening! The jasmine is here accompanied by peony, an equally remarkable flower, possessing the richness and the romanticism of the rose, associated with the more spring lightness of the lily of the valley.

Gradually, the sensuality of Flowerbomb Midnight gains terrain

After having drawn the spotlight on herself, the Flowerbomb Midnight woman takes us into a darker and more intimate atmosphere. Its sensual base gives off charming scents, the simple breath of which is enough to intoxicate the senses. Flowerbomb Midnight ends with a breath of suave and exotic vanilla combined with a more animal and slightly erotic musk. Undoubtedly, Flowerbomb Midnight raises the temperature a notch and envelops the flowers in a more magnetic and seductive aura than ever.


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