Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Eau de Toilette

Flowerbomb Bloom, an explosive bomb of happiness!

Their resemblance is not only physical, but intimate, because they love the same things, art, sewing, beauty, fashion… Created in 1993, the fashion house Viktor & amp; Rolf never stops us astonish. In 2005, the perfume “Flowerbomb” created the event with the floral pomegranate, which turns out to be a huge bouquet of sensations . At the start of 2017, Viktor & amp; Rolf are offering a variation of this star fragrance “Flowerbomb Bloom”, a version that is more airy than its predecessor.

Viktor & amp; Rolf’s bomb

In 2005, the surprise was total when Viktor & amp; Rolf unveiled “Flowerbomb”. More than a simple fragrance, the latter turns out to be a true philosophy of life. Between real and imaginary, fantasy and classic, “Flowerbomb” amazes the senses. Viktor & amp; Rolf define “Flowerbomb” as an explosive addictive floral. On this subject, they add “A perfume is the door open to the marvelous… Live magic”. This flower bomb turns negative into positive, sad into joyful, unhappiness into happiness. It’s a magic bomb. Building on this success, Viktor & amp; Rolf presents “Flowerbomb Bloom”. This new variant is fresher, more airy. This eau de toilette takes again the characteristics of its predecessor, refreshed by new accords of fruits, citrus fruits and liquid air.

The fresh and juicy notes of Flowerbomb Bloom

“Flowerbomb Bloom “is defined as energetic and optimistic. It is the nose Domitille Bertier which is at the origin of this creation, and affirms “The mantra of this perfume is to make possible the impossible, and to see in winter, the spring with the first flower”. “Flowerbomb Bloom” opens with very fresh and fruity notes of mandarin and pomegranate. The heart is a wonderful bouquet of flowers composed of freesia, damask roses and jasmine. These are associated with a new ingredient “liquid air”. The latter is used here for the first time. The liquid air then offers a burst of freshness, its scent is compared to the air of a mountain peak. As for the bottle, it takes the lines of its predecessor in a more elongated version, but still just as feminine.

“Flowerbomb Bloom” is an airy, fruity variation of “Flowerbomb”. Viktor & amp; Rolf’s bomb is fresher thanks to a new ingredient, liquid air. Once again, the “Dupont and Dupont” of fashion offer us an explosion of happiness.

Viktor & amp; Rolf is a fairly recent brand. Indeed, it made its appearance in 1995. However, exactly ten years after the launch of their brand, Viktor & amp; Rolf decided to launch into perfumery. This is how the Flowerbomb perfume was born. This one did not fail to surprise by its atypical form and its explosive composition. Also, after more than 10 years of existence, Viktor & amp; Rolf has chosen to reinterpret this cult perfume. Its new version is called Flowerbomb Bloom and offers us a refreshed variation of its predecessor. So, let’s take a closer look at his new recipe.

Viktor & amp; Rolf reiterates its collaboration with Domitille Bertier

To make this new version of Flowerbomb, the Viktor & amp; Rolf chose to call on a designer who had already worked on her very first recipe, in 2005. The brand chose to collaborate once again with Domitille Bertier. A discreet young woman, this one has an exemplary career. Having trained at one of the most prestigious perfume schools, ISIPCA de Versailles, she is today considered one of the best designers in the world. In this case, Flowerbomb was one of its very first juices to be recognized on the world stage. Since that day, Domitille Bertier has come a long way and has already worked with other major luxury houses. Likewise, she now holds a senior perfumer position at IFF, the third world leader in the aroma industry. It is therefore all this mastery acquired over time that we find in the composition of the new Flowerbomb Bloom.

Flowerbomb Bloom, a compendium of all facets of femininity

Flowerbomb Bloom is a perfume conceived like a fully accomplished woman endowed with an infinity of facets. Thus, Flowerbomb Bloom is a sparkling juice, elegant but no less determined. It begins with a fresh and fruity blend. In addition, this fragrance contains pomegranate and tangerine. Then, this first citrus impression is quickly joined by a floral digest worthy of all the refinement of the woman Viktor & amp; Rolf. Flowerbomb Bloom honors flowers widely used in women’s perfumery: Damascus rose and jasmine. The latter are also associated with the lightness of freesia. Then, an unexpected accord of mountain air appears. This makes you want to take a deep breath and in itself reveals all the audacity of the Viktor & amp; Rolf. Nevertheless, Flowerbomb Bloom is also a perfume that likes to play on contrasts. As a result, it does not take long to warm up. Its wake in turn lets out woody flavors. These come to structure the whole and offer us the face of a woman full of determination and temperament.


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