Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum

“Bonbon”: Between regressive sweets and seductive temptations …

“Bonbon” is aimed at confident women who are fulfilled in their femininity as well as in their sexuality. Offering an apparent simplicity in their nudity and wearing perfume as their only garment, they cannot resist this sweet and gourmet gift that is revealed under its emblematic name …

A sensual “candy” ready to open and… ugly bare?

Viktor & amp; Rolf are renowned stylists in the closed world of haute-couture where creations are often daring, original and a bit sassy. Their fragrances, like “Flowerbomb” and now “Bonbon”, must convey the same values ​​of uninhibited and fulfilled femininity while pricking themselves on romance with beautiful flowers or regressive delicacies.

The communication campaign developed around “ Bonbon ”therefore had to live up to that which had made classic perfumers leap with“ Flowerbomb ”. The woman, a beautiful and young model Edita Vilkeviciut, appears totally naked or almost. Like the carnal and sensual fragrance, it is only dressed in bow ties, no need for other pageantry. As for the commercial, it will show us behind the scenes of the creative prowess of bodypainting carried out in 8 hours on the mannequin. And nothing else!

“I wear the perfume. It’s like a tattoo. I like nudity. I think the body is really beautiful, but I’ve never done something like this before, didn’t want to take it off. »1 Edita Vilkeviciute, muse of« Bonbon »by Viktor & amp; Rolf.

A fragrance between childhood flavors and the powerful scents of a fulfilled woman

Obviously, the communication, both refined and daring of the two creators, wants to highlight an image of femininity totally blooming in a subdued sobriety, between regressions and pleasures.

Yet the pageantry of style created by the bow tie, whether on the mannequin or on the “Bonbon” bottle, is an eminent marker of Viktor & amp; Rolf’s signature. Delicate and wrapped, the bottle appears like a precious gift package ready to be discovered, just like the charming young lady in the advertisement … The link is simple, the “Bonbon” woman is a sensual woman, intoxicating and sweet like a sweetness that you never know. never gets bored and you can’t resist …

The originality of “Bonbon” is of course in these head notes already caramelized to be mixed with delicate notes of lemons and mandarins, which could make us believe in subtle freshness. No! “Bonbon” wants to surprise and detonate and thus offers heart notes of orange blossom, jasmine and peach in order to melt us between fruity, floral and Mediterranean scents. As for the base notes, they will appear, as often in gourmet Orientals, with hints of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood. But no, that’s not all! Because the powerful trail will also be imbued with notes of hot milk, chocolate and caramel married to powdery notes of heliotropic.

With “Bonbon”, Viktor & amp; Rolf signs an unusual fragrance by favoring the originality of original gourmet notes. Very addictive and very marked, the fragrance is striking and cannot be ignored. Some love it, others don’t like it at all. However, nobody takes the merit of this beautiful oriental overdosed in sugars, “Bonbon”, for not knowing how to venture into new scented wakes …

“Candy” is the name of a fragrance from the house of Viktor & amp; Rolf. Released in 2014, “Bonbon” is a fragrance that puts pleasure in the spotlight. “Bonbon” is like an invitation to a moment of pure pleasure, an invitation to unique and above all unsuspected olfactory moments. It is true that Viktor & amp; Rolf, the “Dupont and Dupont” of fashion, like to invent against the grain, shake up the codes of fashion and art. After explosive fragrances like “Flowerbomb” or “Spicebomb”, the two friends awaken our sense of smell and our taste buds!

Gluttony in the hands of a duo of perfumers

It was Thierry Mugler who was the first to pave the way for so-called “gourmet” perfumes. With “Angel” released in 1992, perfumery discovered a new family. To develop another revolutionary fragrance, Viktor & amp; Rolf called on Serge Majouiller and Cécile Matton. Serge Majouiller was born in Grasse, like many perfumers. He says he is inspired by the smells of nature, but also markets or the smells of everyday life. We owe him beautiful fragrances, such as “Elle L’Aime” by Lolita Lempicka as well as the variations of “Bonbon”. Originally from a family of adventurers, Cécile Matton grew up in Zaire. Perhaps it was his childhood that trained him to love flavors, and smells. She loves working with orcanox or even the musk which she says fascinates her. We owe Cécile Matton “Stronger With You” by Armani or even all the variations of “Bonbon”.

A colorful confectionery!

Dive into “Bonbon”, you discover an ocean of gourmet flavors. Between caramel, chocolate, peach, tangerine, lemon, there is no doubt that the olfactory flavors are stunning. The result is a big, tasty candy. The caramel coats the whole composition. It is alternately milky, crunchy, soft, or sweet. “Bonbon” opens with fruity, tangy notes like tangerine and orange surrounded by a crunchy caramel. The heart of “Bonbon” will be predominantly floral since it combines the luminosity of orange blossom and the opulence of jasmine. Creamy, sensual and delicious at the same time, the base associates cedar wood, caramel, chocolate, amber and sandalwood. The caramel will display a darker, almost overcooked appearance on the background for maximum sweetness. The candy bottle is of course shaped like a candy! You should know that the bottle is the result of a perfect mastery of the art of pleating in glassblowing. Majestic, “Candy” is as much for our sight, our sense of smell as our taste buds…

Here, gluttony awakens our sense of smell…“ Bonbon ”is a unique creation, which takes us to moments of sweet and deliciously addictive pleasures. With such delicious ingredients, “Bonbon” is undoubtedly a fragrance that can be enjoyed without moderation.


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