This is Her, the new Zadig & Voltaire bottle

This is Her, the new Zadig & Voltaire bottle
This is Her, the new Zadig & Voltaire bottle

The purity of the This is Her bottle by Zadig & Voltaire

In this year 2016, the house of Zadig & Voltaire is particularly doing it. Indeed, the brand has just launched two new perfumes and has deployed colossal means to make them known: first television commercial, pharaonic launch party… This is Him and This is Her seem to be on the way to becoming the new stars of the perfume counter. So focus on the feminine bottle of this duo, that of This is Her.

Zadig & Voltaire and its box sewn with light

At first glance, Zadig & Voltaire seems more than ever to have played on purity and radiance on the occasion of the release of its new feminine juice. This is Her is displayed in a thick block of glass entirely lacquered in white. This color is undoubtedly the most radiant there is. What’s more, the whole thing has very sharp edges and displays a very architectural and refined design. The look of this new setting immediately gives off a feeling of serenity. Moreover, this effect is clearly relayed by the muse of Zadig & Voltaire, Joséphine Le Tutor, a beautiful blonde with angelic eyes.

The rebellious side of This is Her

However, let’s not forget that Zadig & Voltaire is also a brand known for its rebellious and relaxed spirit. Also, this is found even in the bottle of the new This is Her. The latter contrasts its perfect harmony on an abrupt right side as if carved into the rock. This unexpected combination of genres is typical of Zadig & Voltaire. Thus, This is Her goes perfectly with the brand’s couture line and appears to be the ideal perfume to enhance the luxuriously rebellious outfits of Zadig & Voltaire.

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