Thierry Mugler Alien Divine Ornamentation Eau de Parfum

Thierry Mugler’s artistic bottle

This one is called Alien and is considered to be the brand other big bestseller. As such, Thierry Mugler has decided to develop an exceptional limited edition called Alien Divines Ornamentations.

Thierry Mugler’s artistic bottle

On the occasion of the release of Alien Divines Ornementations, it is a reinterpretation of the emblematic bottle of Alien that is offered to us. Originally, this one was directly inspired by the scintillating and sculptural form of an amethyst. The Alien bottle is cut like a real jewel, irregularly but symmetrically in multiple facets. Its purple color reveals a very mysterious aura while golden thrushes encircled it as if to protect the olfactory jewel contained therein. This time, Alien returns but dresses in the noblest material there is: real gold. Thus, this case is sublimated by gold particles of 17 and 18 carats. The bottle of Alien Divines Ornementations shines with a thousand lights and takes us into a particularly luxurious universe. The name of this perfume can be guessed on the glass, in a very futuristic style and in a play of cuneiform writing. Here too, we are talking about real gold. Never has a bottle seemed to have been so luxurious and Thierry Mugler gives us here a real nugget.

The solar scent of Alien Divines Ornaments

On the scent side, Alien Divines Ornamentations has managed to retain the solar facet of its predecessor while increasing its share of mystery. It lets out floral tones as well as a rich and opulent scent of sambac jasmine showing itself in its most sensual aspect. Alien Divines Ornementations is a juice that is both bewitching and vibrant, creating a feeling of comfort and appeasement in its wake. Like each of Thierry Mugler’s juices, it is thought out with profound audacity. The presence of cashmere wood in its heart only increases its softness while amber completes this composition.

Like each of the Thierry Mugler fragrances, Alien Divines Ornementations is designed in a refillable bottle. Thus, you will only have to buy refills to fill your precious jewel with its scent. Alien Divines Ornamentations can be preserved like a precious stone, which can be admired for a lifetime as its beauty is so fascinating. Alien Divines Ornamentations thus appears as a clever mix of elegance, refinement, creativity, exuberance, mystery and romanticism. In other words, it fits perfectly with the fascinating complexity of the Thierry Mugler universe.

Amber Woody

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