The Prada Woman perfume

The Prada Woman perfume
The Prada Woman perfume

Prada and its Eau de Parfum La Femme

Gold is a fascinating material which continues to attract man. Object of all desires, it aroused many conflicts, temptations and desires. So it is he who is today at the heart of Prada’s new scented creation . Prada La Femme is a particularly luxurious essence that already promises to seduce many women all over the planet. The latter is described as being a fairly classic and very refined juice but not lacking in character. In short, it is a kind of olfactory incarnation of the famous Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand and managing it with a masterful hand.

The new Prada woman

The Prada Woman does not shy away from the clichés of perfumery , far from it. It is a fairly traditional essence but which does not hesitate to reappropriate the major notes of feminine perfumery. Thus, we find there one of the most expensive ingredients of the entire palette of the perfumer: the iris. In addition, know that it takes no less than a ton to create 2 kg of essential oil, hence its exorbitant price. Nevertheless, it is a flower much appreciated for its complexity and its many fragrant facets. In addition, this perennial plant displays a powdery facet very similar to that of the violet.

What is more, it is quite linear while being very persistent. It is accompanied here by the frangipani flower, a tropical shrub. This is renowned for its relaxing effects. What is more, it is a symbol of freshness, femininity and seduction. Spices nevertheless come to enhance the whole. Indeed, the Prada woman never lacks character and it is not this new perfume that will prove to us the opposite. The tuberose, for its part, displays a heady start followed by a more waxy, creamy and warm note. Its scent close to that of orange blossom is then relayed by the more suave and greedy aspect of beeswax. Everything is perfectly balanced, perfectly incorporating all the qualitative standards of the Prada brand.

The Prada man and woman couple

If this new juice already promises to be talked about, it would be nothing without its male sidekick. Indeed, Prada is not launching a single perfume this year but two essences. Prada La Femme will therefore be accompanied by L’Homme Prada. These two fragrances thus form an ideal and already legendary couple. If the female version is made of gold. Its male counterpart, meanwhile, is tinged with gray for a virile and very contemporary look. Prada likes to say that these two essences are “united in an identical vision. She could be him, he could be her. She is an absolute woman, he is an absolute man. There is not an obvious definition of their relationship. They could be lovers, friends, or even strangers. Both have multiple identities. “This fragrant” pair of equals “is a wonderful surprise that already promises to sublimate your summer 2016.

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