The Panthère de Cartier in a sparkling new version

The Panthère de Cartier in a sparkling new version
The Panthère de Cartier in a sparkling new version

The Sparkling Panther, the return of the Cartier emblem

The panther is a dangerous, free and fascinating wild animal. Through him, the Cartier house saw the symbol of a femininity free to fulfill itself, free to love with passion and to do what it sees fit. From then on, she decided to make it one of the most beautiful symbols of her jewelry and perfumery. A first piece of jewelry derived from a panther appeared in the 1920s in the Cartier workshops. A perfume was also created in 1987. Then, it was reinterpreted for the first time in 2014. Today it reinvents new ones to become La Panthère Étincelante .

The silhouette of La Panthère dear to Cartier

With this perfume, the Cartier house is also offering a new bottle. Of course, this one has many points in common with the previous bottle of La Panthère perfume . Both have a very geometric silhouette. Cut like a precious stone, La Panthère Etincelante displays many facets outlining the angular face of a panther. Its black color is particularly fascinating. It is in opposition to the golden cabochon of this perfume simply decorated with the name of the Cartier house.

The floral and fruity composition of La Panthère

On the scent side, it was perfumer Mathilde Laurent who had the heavy task of reinterpreting this iconic juice of feminine perfumery. She chose to start La Panthère Étincelante with a very fruity recipe. Thus, this fragrance is composed of rhubarb, strawberry, dried fruits and bergamot. The pear also takes over in its heart and gives it a more fruity side. Anise tickles the whole and increases the impertinence of this juice. Gardenia, orange blossom, rose and ylang-ylang enhance its femininity. Finally, La Panthère Etincelante ends with a deeper and more animal base made up of musk, oak moss, patchouli and leather.

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