The fragrance Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci

The fragrance Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci
The fragrance Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci

Ricci Ricci, a glamorous essence that does not lack daring

It was in 1932 that Nina Ricci, whose real name was Maria Adelaïde Nielle, founded her fashion house. Her style is feminine, light and romantic. Nina Ricci has always preferred the natural to the “ostentatious”. The first fragrance from the Ricci house, “Coeur de Joie”, was created in 1946 and its bottle was produced by the prestigious Lalique house. It will nevertheless be “L’air du temps” released in 1948 that will make the brand known as a perfumer. In 2009, the brand unveiled “Ricci Ricci“, an essence that could not be more glamorous .

Nina Ricci’s seductive and sexy wife

The “Ricci Ricci” woman first of all represents the past and the know-how of the Ricci house. In this sense, this perfume carries with it the whole history of the Ricci house. Contemporary, the fragrance “Ricci Ricci” is nevertheless ultra seductive and glamorous. It evolves to the rhythm of the capital, in a very urban universe. This is why “Ricci Ricci” is the symbol of a modern, feminine and romantic woman, like all the heroines of the Ricci house. “Ricci Ricci” knows how to captivate his interlocutors, she is simply irresistible. If “Ricci Ricci” is an ultra glamorous woman, you should know that she is full of daring and mischief. She plays her glamorous and seductive side without hiding it and that’s what made it so fascinating! Her knot wrapped around her neck proves her charm and optimism without forgetting theelegance of the house Nina Ricci .

The sensual and modern notes of Ricci Ricci

It is difficult to define precisely “Ricci Ricci”. At the same time floral, spicy, fruity, “Ricci Ricci” is an essence rich in sensations. It is a duo of perfumers who are at the origin of the so particular composition of “Ricci Ricci”, namely Aurélien Guichard and Jacques Huclier. “Ricci Ricci” begins with a freshness to say the least impertinent, because it associates bergamot with rhubarb. The heart is very feminine, because it combines centifolia rose with Indian tuberose. The base leaves a sensual and elegant trail thanks to the presence of patchouli and sandalwood. The bottle is no stranger to the glamor of “Ricci Ricci”. Indeed, if it is made of thick glass, it sports a ribbon tied as a cabochon. This knot is very representative of the Ricci house and it has become a real symbol, because it is present in a good part of Nina Ricci’s wardrobe. The ribbon here asserts a more contemporary look than in the 1950s, where it first appeared. Today, its curve is softer, more graceful and therefore freer. Finally, the bow is dressed in an absolutely brilliant metallic pink color, but above all ultra modern.

Between past and present, “Ricci Ricci” represents contemporary women and the know-how of the Ricci house. Ultra glamorous, “Ricci Ricci” is nonetheless full of daring.

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