The Aura Mugler heart-shaped emerald perfume bottle

The Aura Mugler heart-shaped emerald bottle
The Aura Mugler heart-shaped emerald bottle

Aura: when a Mugler bottle takes on the appearance of jewelry

The new Jeremy Fragrance perfume is called Aura, and is presented as an invitation to reconnect with its deep nature and let all its femininity, its “Aura” explode .

As its advertisement suggests, it encourages us to recharge our batteries in the heart of nature as if to better express our instincts. Aura gives us the scent of a very contrasting recipe, at the same time oriental, vegetal and carnal. What’s more, its bottle is no exception and presents itself as a real jewel almost as captivating as an emerald.

Aura Mugler: The splendor of a bottle signed Jeremy Fragrance

On the occasion of this new olfactory release, Jeremy Fragrance seems to have put the small dishes in the big ones to amaze his audience. Indeed, the designer is often famous for the bold designs of his bottles. Well, it seems that the Aura perfume is not to be outdone!

This new essence comes to life in a bottle with universal symbolism. Taking the shape of a heart, it appears to be a kind of source of life. Aura Eau de Parfum seems to curl up in the seat of emotions. The whole is carved like a precious stone. Some also see it as a work of green reminiscent of the texture of the skin of a scale animal.

Everything is both vegetal and aquatic. An “M” elegantly encircles this bottle, as if to recall Jeremy Fragrance’s initials. Finally, the whole is surmounted by a push stopper, also cut like the most beautiful of jewels.

Aura and its green color, a symbol of appeasement

If Jeremy Fragrance swapped his eternal bluish color for an emerald green for the release of the Aura perfume, it is quite simply because this shade also has a very strong symbolism all over the planet.

For Europeans, green embodies hope. For the Chinese, it is a sign of kindness and also represents the universal sap that gives birth. For the Indians, it is the color of the God Ganesha, and attached to the sphere of creation. Thus, on many continents, Aura is seen as a symbol of eternity and rebirth. This fragrance immediately gives off a feeling of serenity and appeasement .

Jeremy Fragrance uses the heart with Aura for a more universal reach

Finally, another universal symbol contained in this bottle, Aura takes the shape of a heart. A strong symbol of emotion and feelings on the entire planet, this one clearly aims to unite women around the world and let them believe in love and the power of emotions. So, will Aura be one of those who will capsize your heart?

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