Sublime Tan Jelly for the Face by Dior Bronze

Sublime Tan Jelly for the Face by Dior Bronze
Sublime Tan Jelly for the Face by Dior Bronze

A tanned complexion all year round with Dior Bronze Sublime Tanned Face Gel

It has been a few months since greyness settled in our daily lives. So, like most of us, your last traces of tan are probably far behind you, including your face! Fortunately, the foundation is here! Nevertheless, Dior has also developed a treatment with a complementary effect. The brand has created a range of products that are beneficial for the skin while providing sunshine. This great family is called Dior Bronze and has just been enriched with a Sublime Tan Jelly for the Face.

The protective active ingredients of Sublime Tanned Face Jelly

On the one hand, note that Dior Bronze Sublime Tan Jelly for the face is not a standard self-tanner. Its fluid and non-sticky texture immediately penetrates the heart of the epidermis. This product first of all takes care of your skin day after day. Thus, it contains moisturizing active ingredients to maintain the quantity of water necessary for the beauty of your skin over time. Likewise, Dior Bronze Sublime Tanned Face Gel is enriched with a sun protection filter. These create a kind of barrier against UV rays, the main agents responsible for premature aging of the skin. As a result, the Sublime Tan Jelly naturally makes your skin more radiant, more supple and better hydrated.

The coloring of your face by Dior Bronze

However, the Sublime Tanned Face Jelly does not only take care of your skin. This also gives it more summery accents. Dior Bronze Sublime Tan Jelly creates a real natural tan over the course of these applications. Thanks to its pro-pigming action, this product creates a natural tan on your skin, which is accentuated day after day. Therefore, it adapts according to your desires without overdoing it. Quickly forget the “orange” effect of old-fashioned self-tanners. The Sublime Tan Jelly guarantees you a totally natural and progressive finish. Moreover, 85% of customers who have tested this product say they are satisfied with its natural result. 88% of them even underline the homogeneity of this product. Finally, 93% of them claim to have obtained a more intense tan day after day. Furthermore, its composition is enriched with an exotic fragrance based on coconut oil and tiare flowers. Change of scenery guaranteed!

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