Spicebomb, the olfactory explosion of Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb, the olfactory explosion of Viktor & Rolf
Spicebomb, the olfactory explosion of Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb was launched in 2012 and follows on from Viktor & Rolf’s fragrance for women, Flowerbomb . Its name is bold and explosive and yet it is nothing compared to its scent and its very avant-garde design. This fragrance is a sensual explosion that reveals a mysterious, charismatic and elegant man. This essence is then accompanied by a slogan that could not be clearer: “And if it was the turn of the codes of male perfumery to be blown up?” “With this fragrance, the designer duo Viktor & Rolf has not lacked daring and the olfactory explosion seems to be imminent.

Spicebomb, the male counterpart of Flowerbomb

The whole history of this essence begins in 2005. Indeed, it is on this date that the famous Flowerbomb was born. The latter was then feminine and sensual to the excess. Also, its creation did not fail to surprise more than one. The release of this essence was nothing classic and quickly gave way to the birth of a myth. Also, the men were not long in claiming its equivalence in more virile version. As the duo Viktor & Rolf explains: “After creating the most explosive feminine fragrance ever, Flowerbomb, we men felt a hint of jealousy: why weren’t we entitled to our own bomb? » Spicebomb is therefore inspired by a mysterious manand rich in contrasts. The latter is a charismatic seducer totally freed from conventions. He doesn’t care what anyone says and lets himself be guided by his impulses and his animal instinct. However, the latter is no less sophisticated and above all, what it is sexy! If, from the first second it is surprising, the latter then becomes totally addictive from the second second. Its elegance is perfectly anchored in its time. The Spicebomb man has it all: he is intelligent and sensitive while being strong and manly.

Viktor & Rolf and their spicy pomegranate

This scent is a real explosion of spices. The least we can say is that Spicebomb does not go unnoticed. Also, its heart of incandescent spices based on chilli and saffron, faces the very masculine roundness of leather and tobacco. However, Spicebomb does not hesitate to assert his virility again by embellishing the raw and racy strength of vetiver. In addition, zesty notes of grapefruit and bergamot are also present and bring out a certain freshness. Plus, elemi and pink pepper also blows an icy breeze through the heart of Spicebomb. This explosive fragrance is then contained in a very daring bottle. This is none other than a grenade. This one is worked like a diamond. It is a glass sculpture with chiseled and regular facets. The dominant colors are also very masculine since they are gray and black. These also give it a lot of class and sobriety. Finally, a little detail that hits the mark: In order to release the scent of Viktor & Rolf, you will need to prime its pin …

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