Rochas Eau Sensuelle perfume

Rochas Eau Sensuelle perfume
Rochas Eau Sensuelle perfume

Eau Sensuelle, all the femininity of Eau de Rochas

Founded in 1925 by Marcel Rochas , the brand of the same name imagines clothes that liberate women. His creations are immediately taken up in the women’s press, which describes the couturier as “Always younger”. The visit to the colonial exhibition in 1931 inspired Michel Rochas to wear the famous “Bali” dress. After opening a Place Beauvau boutique, the brand will move to rue Matignon. In 1944, the Rochas house, inspired by Hélène, Marcel Rochas’ wife, produced “Woman”. L’Eau de Rochas” was created in 1970 , with several variations such as “Eau Sensuelle Rochas”.

Rochas Eau Sensuelle, a very contemporary variation

Developed in 1970 by Nicolas Mamounas, “Eau de Rochas” was called until 1983 “Eau de Roche”. Inspired by the city of Delphi (Greece), “Eau de Rochas” overflows with Mediterranean scents, evoking, however, a very feminine water. “Eau Sensuelle Rochas” was created in 2009. Still as feminine as ever, the fragrance is nevertheless much more sensual and above all much more contemporary. Avant-garde and solar, “L’Eau de Rochas” leaves a trail that is both warm and solar.

Eau Sensuelle Rochas, a balance between citrus and floral notes

“Eau Sensuelle Rochas” offers us a perfect sensual citrus-floral start and combines blood orange, bergamot and mango. Then, the heart of “Eau Sensuelle Rochas” is floral, not without a certain character, because it combines the luminosity of orange blossom, the beauty of jasmine and the strength of pepper. Then, the base of “Eau Sensuelle Rochas” evolves towards both sensual and gourmet notes thanks to the presence of dried fruits, white musks and iris. The bottle incorporates the main codes of its elder and is tinted for the occasion of pink.

Rochas - Sensual Water
Rochas – Sensual Water

A new fragrance completes the Rochas waters in 2009: Eau Sensuelle

Eau Sensuelle de Rochas, is the first fragrance developed by Jean Michel Duriez, the house’s new “nose”.

For this first creation, Jean-Michel Duriez worked on a fresh floral eau, freely inspired by the very cult “Eau de Rochas”.

Eau Sensuelle de Rochas Perfume

For Eau Sensuelle, the perfumer wanted to invert the balance between citrus and floral notes to bring forth a suave and voluptuous sensuality. Eau Sensuelle de Rochas presents a citrus-fruity, gourmet, tender and juicy opening like those summer citrus fruits that perfume the terraces. The impact of blood orange, with a rich and modern personality, is softened by the reassuring sweetness of natural bergamot, mixed with tasty mango. These very flavorful notes will echo the dried fruit flavors of the base note.

Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral – Fruity

Top Notes: Blood Orange, Mango, Bergamot.

Heart Notes: Orange blossom, Jasmine, Pepper.

Base Notes: Dried Fruits, Iris, White Musks.

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