Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme Eau de Parfum

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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme Eau de Parfum is a 2013 Oriental Floral Perfume by Viktor & Rolf for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Bergamot, Tea. Middle notes are Osmanthus, Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid, Pink, Orange Blossom. Base notes are Amber, Musk, Patchouli, Benzoin, Vanilla.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme Eau de Parfum
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme Eau de Parfum


Flowerbomb Extreme, an antidote to gloom

It was in 1993 that he founded the house “Viktor & amp; Rolf”. From the start, Viktor & amp; Rolf play on their resemblance, same glasses, same style of dress, same hairstyle, to such an extent that they are regularly taken for twins… It is in 2005 that he embarks on perfumery with the impressive “Flowerbomb”. Then, in 2005, Viktor & amp; Rolf unveiled a floral variation with “Flowerbomb Extrême”.

Flowerbomb Extreme, the more glamorous version

In 2005, “Flowerbomb” is a real revolution in the world of feminine perfumery, < a href = ""> an explosion of flowers . The latter was mainly displayed as a philosophy of life, according to the brand which had the desire to “transform the negative into the positive … Transform life into utopia”. “Flowerbomb” is then considered the pin of happiness … Faced with this success, Viktor & amp; Rolf wanted to offer olfactory variations. With “Flowerbomb Extrême”, the brand unveils a much more glamorous version. “Flowerbomb Extrême” is a true love potion, like a magic potion, an alchemy mixed with gold and dreams. This love potion is an enchantment for the senses. “Flowerbomb Extrême” takes up one by one the codes of the architecture brand, the art of superposition, of measure allied to excess, from the purified to the whimsical. To provoke still strong sensations, Viktor & amp; Rolf have thus imagined “Flowerbomb Extrême”.

The sensual notes of Flowerbomb Extrême

“Flowerbomb Extrême” is a fragrance that releases a bouquet of sensations, very couture. “Flowerbomb” begins with the lively freshness of bergamot. This is immediately joined by the opulence of sambac jasmine. The heart is ultra feminine, because it is composed of a bouquet of white flowers, mainly like osmanthus. The base is sensual and amber, since it is composed of vanilla absolute, patchouli, amber and benzoin. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its predecessors and is displayed like a bomb ready to be unstuck. A faceted diamond-pomegranate bottle, which is tinted for the occasion in a golden amethyst color. A glamorous pomegranate, ready to offer the most surprising of olfactory sensations.

For a brand that likes to be noticed, it didn’t take less than an olfactory bomb to be noticed. With “Flowerbomb”, Viktor & amp; Rolf are creating a small revolution in the world of perfumery. This olfactory explosion will lead to many variations such as “Flowerbomb Extrême”… An explosion even stronger and more intense than the original. If the flowers are still the essential element of the bomb, the fragrance is nevertheless much more sensual. An amethyst pomegranate that has not finished talking about it!

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Specification: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme Eau de Parfum


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