Splendiris Eau de Parfum

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Splendiris Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Dusita. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, mandarin, orange, violet leaf, fig leaf, carrot seed, sweet orris butter, iris, violet, rose de mai, jasmine sambac, vanilla, vetiver, cedar, ambergris

Splendiris Eau de Parfum
Splendiris Eau de Parfum


With the tremendous visual and olfactory beauty of the iris comes a unique challenge- how does one create an iris scent that improves upon what nature has already perfected? In the case of the truly magical newest release from Dusita, the answer lies in the subtleties- Splendiris showcases an utterly breathtaking orris absolute in all of its cool, purple, rich, and powdered glory, with just the right amount of fresh, dark, and gourmand supplemental notes to modernize, brighten, and smooth the whole experience into the realm of the sublime.
Splendiris opens with a burst of juicy citrus and lively, gently aromatic green notes that feel fresh and contemporary, wiping clean your preconceptions about what an iris scent can be. As the richly floral heart emerges, we swoon over the elegance and richness of the orris butter, but further exploration reveals Splendiris to be much more than a single expensive ingredient- here, the natural rooty, powdery sophistication of iris is sweetened with violet and fig and given luscious texture with rose and jasmine to create a true bouquet. A perfect dollop of luxuriously creamy vanilla alongside woodsy vetiver and cedar enriches further, creating a rare fragrant plateau where sensuality, style, and naturalism share top billing. In other words, Splendiris is objectively an iris soliflore- but if all you smell is the iris, you’re not paying attention to the dozens of brilliant combinations that make for the most gorgeously idealized iris you’ve ever experienced. While we’ve grown to expect world-class scents with each new Dusita release, Splendiris is, even by those standards, in a class of its own.

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Specification: Splendiris Eau de Parfum


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