Spicematic Eau de Parfum

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Spicematic Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are Saffron, ginger, mint, incense, red cedar, pine

Spicematic Eau de Parfum
Spicematic Eau de Parfum


The joy of Pierre Guillaume’s “flanker” scents is that they’re anything but retreads of their original inspiration- instead they have the iterative energy of a maestro composing variations on a theme, using the constraints of a single concept to focus his energy on the serendipitous. In Spicematic 11.2, Guillaume revisits the “aromatic-spice” nexus that gave us the desert lemon mint and allspice of Harmatan Noir and the sub-tropical peppermint and cardamom of Indian Wood, but here, our inspiration is the cold, mineralic beauty of marble, represented in saffron, fresh ginger, and green mint. With a molecular distillation of incense adding an intense coolness, the fragrance shines and sparkles, tempered only by the organic vibration of red cedar and the resinous heat of Siberian pine. Pierre Guillaume describes Spicematic as “marble water.” Who are we to disagree?

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