Silence the Sea Eau de Parfum

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Silence the Sea Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangelove NYC. The notes of this fragrance are ambergris, oud, tuber, jasmine, tuberose, angelica

Silence the Sea Eau de Parfum
Silence the Sea Eau de Parfum


Silence the Sea is the true essence of the sea. Forget the horrors of Calone and sweet aquatics ? this scent captures all the stony, mineral silence of a deserted beach in winter. Because it is a brand deeply invested in organic, sustainable raw material production, Strangelove NYC was able to source an ethically-harvested (beach cast) piece of ambergris and use it as the star in this composition.
And indeed, it is the strange, salty-sweet airiness of ambergris that dominates here. It floats at the center, emanating an aura of fresh marine air, earth, dried newspapers, tobacco, and even the warm funk of a freshly-cleaned horse stable. Ambergris is, in short, the salty, yeasty smell of a child’s head after hours of playing on a cold beach. Cleverly, the perfumer has chosen to not overshadow the ambergris but simply flank its already-complex smell with a host of complimentary?flavors??, such as the minty bitterness of angelica, the earthy funk of truffle, and the vegetal, rubbery texture of tuberose. These notes play a valiant second fiddle to the ambergris, emphasizing its flinty, mineral sweetness and extending its unearthly radiance in all directions. Those who love the mysterious, almost indefinable smell of the salt air on a cold beach will adore Silence the Sea.

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