Serge Lutens Glass Wool Eau de Parfum

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Serge Lutens Glass Wool Eau de Parfum is a 2014 Citrus Aldehyde Aromatic Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Mint, Lemon, Dihydromyrcenol. Middle notes are Pink, Aldehydes, Hedione, Lily of the valley. Base notes are Iso E Super, White musks, Evernyl.

Serge Lutens Glass Wool Eau de Parfum
Serge Lutens Glass Wool Eau de Parfum


Glass wool and its opposites, when the angel confronts the demon, or the man his wife …

After discovering Cold Water and Serge Lutens Water, it is the precious queen of Glasswool ice cream who comes to propel us her metallic coldness to better envelop us in the softness of cashmere wool. Oppositions, contrasts, fights… A powerful and complex Serge Lutens after all!

Glass wool and its opposites, when the angel confronts the demon, or the man his wife …

Cold Water or the Girl from Berlin are proof that Serge Lutens likes to tell us wonderful tales, frozen with a thousand metals, of threads that unfold to the rhythm of his frosted and terribly modern scents.

With Laine de Glass, opposites play between sweetness and turbulence, a deep incision of screaming metal wrapped in pink silk and cashmere. For Laine de Verre Serge Lutens thus imagined the story of an encounter between cold material and childish touch, like “the metal which, physically, takes shape in the scent. It is not without reason that the image of a chrome handlebar, attached to the steering bar of a bicycle, on which in order to accelerate its course, the child leans and thus, brings his nose closer, which suddenly passed me. »Serge Lutens for Laine de Verre.

Of course, of this mixed fragrance one can only imagine the daily and hard-hitting battle between feminine warmth and masculine coldness. So much so that the “Lord of Glass” and his “Lady of Laine” seem to have clashed hard to better lay down their arms, only with the aim of creating this divine Glass Laine, made of “flowers and ferns which, on him , had frosted ”and their agreements finally found.

The strorytelling affixed to the bottle will tell us little more. It will then suffice to discover this Glass Wool to create a story for it, its intimate and powerful“ Skin games ”.

Between softness and incisive scents, Laine de verre does not choose …

Laine de Verre is part of the Eaux de Serge Lutens collection, so its slender and distinguished bottle, very elongated, retains the codes of this precious collection. Only the label differs to better present this contrasting juice to us as the result of an alchemy between the roundness and the softness of the “L”, of wool, and of the sharp letter “V”, of glass. Let us not forget that with the artist Serge Lutens nothing is left to chance.

The citrus not es of lemon punctuated by mint and dihydromyrcenol send us fresh top notes like a wind of frost. Then again the aldehydes and the hedione give us an icy metallic note, harsh and sharp. Yet the floral heart of Dame de Laine quickly comes to comfort us with its precious notes of lily of the valley and rose. Finally, the lingering wake of Laine de Verre will be made on the peace treaty between this man of ice and this woman of fire by creating an accord between the softness of cashmere and the cottony smell of white musks which will not forget the dazzling freshness of evernyl. Let us not forget that “A disagreement between the feminine and the masculine is not a rupture; it bursts and is an obligatory condition for any work resulting in an agreement ”Serge Lutens for Laine de Verre.

Presented as a struggle between heat and ice, between the feminine and the masculine, Laine de Verre is the sum of this confrontation. Far from clichés, far from mass perfumery, Laine de Verre bewitches us and captures us in its large, fluffy woolen coat… adorned with a few knives!

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