Ruby Extrait Parfum Extrait

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Ruby Extrait Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by Bruno Acampora. The notes of this fragrance are Dark chocolate, rose, red berries, pink pepper, musk

Ruby Extrait Parfum Extrait
Ruby Extrait Parfum Extrait


80 years ago, Nestle launched the first bar of white chocolate, bringing the number of naturally-colored chocolate in the world to 3: dark, milk, and white. But in 2017, after 13 straight years of research and development, Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s most respected artisanal chocolate makers, decided that the world was ready for a fourth color ? pink! Derived from a special cocoa bean, Ruby is a 100% naturally pink chocolate that possesses a uniquely sour, berry-like fruitiness not present in other types of chocolate.
It was a breakthrough for the confectionary business worldwide ? and for perfumery too. Bruno Acampora’s Ruby is the world’s first fragrance based on the scent and taste of this extraordinary pink chocolate. Please take our word for it ? it’s luscious. Ruby opens with sour cherries enrobed in melted dark chocolate, a hint of booze, rose, and coffee playing around the edges like a smile. Cleverly emulating the fruitiness of Ruby chocolate, the creaminess of the cocoa notes is imbued with a streak of either redcurrant or blackberry, so you get both the milky sweetness and the tongue-tickling sourness that makes pink chocolate so unique. But before you’re tempted to stick your entire arm in your mouth (it’s that delicious), the perfume finishes in a blaze of that earthy, semi-funky 1970’s style musk for which the Acampora brand is famous. If smelling like dark chocolate, berries, and a bodaciously sexy musk is your thing (and why wouldn’t it be?), then get your nose on Ruby as soon as you humanly can.

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