Poudrextase Eau de Parfum

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Poudrextase Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Marlou. The notes of this fragrance are Rice powder, dried rose, cypress, civet, musks

Poudrextase Eau de Parfum
Poudrextase Eau de Parfum


With a name that combines the French words for “powder” and “ecstasy, ” it’s not difficult to imagine what Marlou has in mind with their newest fragrance. But concept alone can’t do justice to Pourdrextase; after all, this is Marlou we’re talking about here, a line that does one thing- intensely erotic, deeply animalic musk- and does it just about better than anyone. And even if their smolderingly over-the-top previous releases have been a bit too intense for you, we’d strongly encourage you to try again, as Poudrextase explores a duality of skin scents- on one hand, the primal musk, on the other, the fresh powder and minimal florals of expensive cosmetics on clean skin- and the result is Marlou’s most wonderfully accessible scent yet. Here, the rice powder is bright and fresh, almost citrussy, and the dried rose just delicately sweet enough to smooth out the funk of the animalics, which retain every ounce of the full-bodied carnality of Marlou’s previous gems. It’s very much a portrait of skin in full- the proper and the profane, the clean and the dirty. We’re entranced.

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Specification: Poudrextase Eau de Parfum


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