Other IKKS Baby IKKS

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Other IKKS Baby IKKS is a 2003 Citrus Floral Gourmand Other by IKKS for kid. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Pierre Berdoues . Top notes are Pear, Licorice. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Honey. Base notes are White musks, Iris.

Other IKKS Baby IKKS
Other IKKS Baby IKKS


Baby fragrances

What’s more, it will only crack the parents and make your baby’s skin chewable!

Baby fragrances

It’s a fact, babies’ skin naturally smells good. However, to vary the pleasures and further increase this addictive effect, more and more brands are making scented waters for the little ones. This is precisely the case with the IKKS house. Of course, IKKS Baby is a hypoallergenic fragrance that meets numerous dermatological tests. Its fragrance is particularly sweet, alcohol-free and delicately scented. At the same time, note that newborns are often subject to small parasitic odors. They sweat, especially in the head and sometimes regurgitate a little milk that nestles in their neck. In addition, babies’ sebum is poorly regulated in the first months which can cause a particular odor in their hair. So, thanks to the IKKS Baby perfume, these little inconveniences will be instantly masked and that is precisely why babies too have the right to their little perfume. In this way, they will absolutely crack all those around them!

The tenderness of IKKS Baby

IKKS Baby is presented in a box shaped like a milk box. It contains a white and shiny bottle synonymous with purity. Nevertheless, here IKKS has remained true to its trendy and urban style. Thus, IKKS Baby is revealed in a sober and offbeat style faithful to the values ​​of the brand. The whole contains a tender fragrance reminiscent of a return to childhood. IKKS Baby is a juice loaded with tenderness and making the imagination wander. It begins with an aromatic and gourmet association. In addition, its top notes contain lavender mixed with milk cream as well as licorice. IKKS Baby plunges us into a very childish and appetizing universe. His heart, meanwhile, relies on tenderness and intimacy. It combines floral notes of magnolia, jasmine and rose with the smoothness of honey. Finally, IKKS Baby ends with a creamier base based on sandalwood and white musk. The iris then adds a hint of powdery to the whole, displaying all the modernity of the IKKS brand. Everything is absolutely harmonious and has the advantage of staying in time, something quite rare for a baby perfume.

Petit Guerlain, Eau de Bonpoint, Ptisenbon have become the star perfumes of baby perfumes. Naturally turned towards children’s fashion, the pretty French house IKKS launched itself through the venerable Berdoues perfume house in perfumery with IKKS Baby. True perfume while being alcohol-free, the pretty IKKS Baby diffuses its sweet scents for dreams while perfumes …

IKKS Baby, a baby fragrance designed by a perfumer from Toulouse: Pierre Berdoues

Every major perfume house had dreamed of one day being able to recreate in scents the delicious scents of a baby’s skin. It was the Dior house that in 1970 inaugurated this trend in baby perfumes with its pretty Baby Dior on display in the store of the same name. However, the young parents do not seem ready yet and it will be necessary to wait for the talents of Annick Goutal united in his Eau de Bonpoint released in 1986 to see baby fragrances explode in our perfumeries.

How to imagine then that the so modern brand IKKS is not also embarking on this adventure of perfume for children? Indeed, the French brand created in the 80s very quickly opened a department for children and babies. Like Bonpoint or Jacadi, it will be natural for the house to offer these very young clients and their parents IKKS Baby. IKKS Baby is certainly an alcohol-free perfume for babies, however, it was composed by a talented perfumer designer, Pierre Berdoues, just like a perfume for adults.

By the way, the Berdoues perfumery in Toulouse has been able to renew its image at the dawn of the new millennium by purchasing the IKKS license and by composing exclusive scented lines for infants, young children and adolescents. The perfumer, a specialist in very classic violet fragrances, is thus propelled into the new millennium thanks to IKKS Baby and a range of fragrances that perfume the whole family!

“License launched in 2004 by the GROUP BERDOUES PERFUMES AND COSMETICS, IKKS is today the only brand to offer perfumes for babies, children, adolescents, men and women. “Berdoues on IKKS perfumes.

The sweet and childish scents of IKKS Baby

IKKS Baby was composed and developed by the Berdoues perfumery in Toulouse. Of course, above all else, IKKS Baby is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and has been tested numerous times on dermatological criteria.

The Toulouse perfumer has mainly directed its creation of baby perfume towards a large field of lavender to marry them with liquorice and a gourmet milk cream. At the heart IKKS Baby diffuses through delicate floral notes of jasmine, magnolia and rose, an infinite tenderness that will end in notes of honey. Finally our adorable baby IKKS Baby will be enveloped in depths which will extend like a pretty cloud of white musks rocked by the enveloping heat of sandalwood.

“ A perfume like the grown-ups! The scented water of the “Babies” who are already claiming their independence! “IKKS for IKKS Baby.

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