OroNardo Eau de Parfum

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OroNardo Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Xinu. The notes of this fragrance are Mock orange, floral notes, marigold, tuberose, white nerium oleander

OroNardo Eau de Parfum
OroNardo Eau de Parfum


OroNardo is a word that combines two Spanish words: nardo, which means tuberose, the famously fleshy white flower that’s native to Mexico, and oro, meaning gold, hence OroNardo (??Golden Tuberose??).
Being both Mexican and famous for his lyrical treatment of white florals, it is no surprise that Rodrigo Flores-Roux is able to pay proper tribute to the gorgeous Mexican tuberose. First, he flanks the tuberose with a very indolic mock orange – a sweet-smelling white flower that smells like jasmine petals dipped in honey ? to accentuate its naturally fleshy sexiness. Then he draws out its green, camphoraceous freshness through judicious use of marigold, a spicy, herbaceous flower with a twinge of vegetal bitterness. The result captures the totality of the freshly-plucked flower ? tuber, stems, petals, leaves and all. The texture of OroNardo is also a delight, transitioning gracefully from whipped cream to a breeze of golden, pollinated powder. Delicate and green rather than heavy, OroNardo shows that, in the right hands, tuberose doesn’t have to be the show-stopping monster it’s often reputed to be.

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Specification: OroNardo Eau de Parfum


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