Mahabah Eau de Parfum

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Mahabah Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by ANFAS. The notes of this fragrance are petitgrain, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, tonka bean, vanilla

Mahabah Eau de Parfum
Mahabah Eau de Parfum


Mahaba, meaning?love?? but also?charity?? in Arabic, is a unique floriental composition that conveys youthful innocence and lusty warmth in one breath. A bight candied lemon topnote yields to a startling ylang note that balances its usual impression of fruity, lush tropicalia with an undertone of leathery licorice or rubber. In the background, a sultry combination of vanilla and tonka bean creates a buff, creamy accent, like a bitter almond horchata dusted with candied aniseed sprinkles.
Mahaba is gorgeously creamy but never too sweet, with something of the same licorice-and-coffee woodiness that lends Un Bois Vanille (Serge Lutens) its mysterious darkness. Later on, towards the final drydown, a striking note of salt or brine lurking in the wings pops out to create the curious effect of flowers mixed with a creamy, anisic milk and melon rind thickly encrusted with sea salt. Feminine, lovely, and unusual, Mahaba is a floral oriental tailor-made for those moments when you want your scent to convey a certain youthful sweetness but also a little twist that keeps people guessing.

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Specification: Mahabah Eau de Parfum


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