L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Women Kenzo

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L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Women Kenzo is a 1996 Floral Fruity Cologne by Kenzo for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp . Top notes are Mint, Pink berries, Mandarin. Middle notes are Marine note, Lotus. Base notes are Cedar, White musks.

L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Women Kenzo
L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Women Kenzo


L’Eau de Kenzo for Women: The luminosity of pure water …

And yet L’Eau de Kenzo floods as much as it seduces with its sparkling and sensual notes, it will even later find its masculine double to merge in a loving and magical alliance … Follow the universe of L ‘Eau de Kenzo and you find that this precious liquid is anything but still water!

L’Eau de Kenzo pour Femme or the magical liquid of a fantastic universe

Kenzo and his haute -couture creations take us to a Westernized Japan or an Asian West with a thousand colors since the creation in 1970 of its first colorful and influential models. Since the 90s, we have had the privilege of taking advantage of these outbursts of the heart thanks to the Kenzo perfumery which sends us its beautiful positive waves with Parfum d’été or even the World is Beautiful.

In 1996, Kenzo offers us a new perfumed opus thanks to Eau de Kenzo pour Femme and its universe between velvet and supernatural. Indeed, the Kenzo brand goes so far as to permeate not only the least of its fragrances but also its ever more magical and phantasmagorical communication campaigns. Kenzo Takada wanted to create a Eau which is not sad and bland but rather a dreamlike and colorful perfume: “Water has no colors. So I wanted colorful water. Fruit, flowers, freshness and happiness. »Kenzo pour l’Eau by Kenzo pour Femme.

Following the example of the master’s desires, the first campaign around Eau de Kenzo pour Femme will offer us a journey between dreams and realities where water dresses women with its magical powers while turning the head of a woman. goldfish … However, it is useless to look for a muse because the star is water, well simply Water. Subsequently this deep and sensual water will meet its masculine double for which it will literally melt into a carnal symbiosis …

“The water. Calm and undulating. Lively, vibrant, full of scents and colors. For her, for him, KENZO expressed two sides of it, created two pieces of living water to hold them back. They are made for each other. ”Kenzo for Eau de Kenzo for Women and Eau de Kenzo for Men.

< h2> Where the lotus flower gives birth to L’Eau de Kenzo pour Femme

At its birth, Eau de Kenzo pour Femme was dressed in a very rounded bottle, almost in the shape of a pebble. de Kenzo pour Femme was joined by its double Eau de Kenzo pour Homme, it merged with him into a square and transparent bottle such as “Two pure and sensual blocks that fit together in each other. perfection. »Kenzo for Kenzo Water. The pretty lotus flower signed by the great Olivier Cresp now appears in a delicate glass with bluish transparency.

L’Eau de Kenzo pour Femmes opens with very fresh and very aquatic notes of mint and reedwood. Mandarin and white peach are juicy and tender to welcome the heart. The flowers then appear in a luminous choir to offer us their fragrant and aquatic freshness thanks to notes of water jasmine and white nymphea (white lotus flower) punctuated by the earthly and vegetal sweets of lilac and amaryllis. The very rare Graine de Paradis, a pepper from Guinea, reinforces its sweet accords between earth and water with its spicy heat. Finally, blue cedar wood and reed wood offer a bed of warm depths where vanilla and musk coat this pretty water flower in a comfortable cottony cloud.

Eau de Kenzo pour Femme offers a fresh and sensual trail to a woman in search of natural and feminine scented sensations. Eau de Kenzo is therefore definitely not a water without relief but a whirlpool bath of a thousand colors.

Released in 1996, “ L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme ”is delicate, citrusy, sparkling and sensual at the same time. The elements of nature and more particularly water, have always been a source of inspiration for Kenzo Takada. “L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme” then looks like a bubble. A bubble of well-being, tranquility, beauty where everything is luxury, calm and pleasure. Here, Kenzo says he wants water “full of color made of fruits, flowers, freshness and happiness”. A fragrance filled with magic.

L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme, a bubble signed by the nose Olivier Cresp

In order to create this fragrance if particular, the house of Kenzo chose as perfumer, Olivier Cresp. Born in Grasse, Olivier Cresp comes from a family of farmers, which means that he grew up in fields of rose and jasmine. Olivier Cresp began his career in 1975. He spent 12 years at Quest, before joining Firmenich in 1992 and became master perfumer in 2006. It is mainly thanks to “Angel” by Thierry Mugler, the first gourmet perfume, which ‘Olivier Cresp was propelled to the front of the stage. When asked what his style is, he says, “I confirm that I have a very minimalist style. Every day, I have the possibility to create from a palette of 400 ingredients, but I prefer to use only between 20 and 30 to understand them more in depth and, therefore, adapt them more easily. if needed ! “. We owe Olivier Creps great successes such as “Place Vendôme” by Boucheron, “Nina” by Nina Ricci or “Noa” by Cacharel.

L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme, a scent between water and flowers

“L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme” takes off on a multifaceted freshness and combines mint, tangerine, reed and cucumber thus offering an astonishing effect, but above all very refreshing. In mythology, it is said that Hades, the God of darkness, paid court to the nymph Minthé. His jealous wife Persephone turned her into a mint plant. Unable to bring her back to life, Hades then gave her his perfume. Mint has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Today there are no less than 600 varieties of mint which is known and appreciated for its powerful and very pleasant scent. In perfumery, mint essence is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowers. Mint gives off fresh, minty, herbaceous and spicy tones. Then, the heart of “L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme” evolves into delicate and feminine notes such as amaryllis, water lily, lotus, white peach, all enhanced by Guinea pepper. Native to Central America and the southern Caribbean, amaryllis has velvet-like petals. Amaryllis is a beautiful bulb plant. In perfumery, amaryllis gives off delicately floral scents, but also sweet and green. Finally, the base of “L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme” is sensual, as it combines white musks, vanilla and cedarwood.

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