Lady Million Lucky Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum

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Lady Million Lucky Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum is a 2018 Floral Fruity Perfume by Paco Rabanne for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Raspberry. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Hazelnut. Base notes are Pink, Honey, Sandalwood, Cedar, Cashmere wood.

Lady Million Lucky Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum
Lady Million Lucky Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum


The feminine perfume Lucky Lady Million

This olfactory couple highlights the designer’s favorite material: gold. However, Paco Rabanne had never dared to work with this material in the olfactory form before. Fully assuming her bling-bling, feminine and mischievous side , Lady Million has been making us evolve for almost 10 years in a seductive universe. A true fantasy, today it is turning into a new perfume called Lady Million Lucky. So what are you waiting for to sixteen this opportunity?

Lady Million Lucky, a floral and fruity juice

First let’s start by revealing the scent of the new Lady Million Lucky. After all, isn’t that the most important aspect of a perfume? Paco Rabanne remains very mysterious for the moment as to the composition of this new juice. We just know that it is a fruity and floral essence. Only its two major ingredients have been disclosed so far. Lady Million Lucky contains a heart of rose, a true emblem of women’s perfumery. However, the rose was absent from the composition of the first version of Lady Million. Here, it reveals its hot and honeyed scent, fresh and poetic. It is also accompanied by a juicier raspberry.

Lady Million Lucky has a new diamond perfume

In addition to its feminine and tangy flavor, Lady Million Lucky will also seduce you with its new visual. Indeed, Paco Rabanne has completely reinterpreted his bottle. Note, however, that it retains its iconic diamond shape. Lady Million Lucky displays a particularly expressive and sparkling style. Always very feminine, he exchanged his eternal golden lacquering for a silver spray cabochon. Only a few details, and in particular its name, is displayed in a gold color echoing the colorful shade of its juice. Its sparkling appearance shines through a transparent glass base. The whole is beautiful and seems to have within it the eternal charm of a diamond warmed with precious and irresistible metals. To sixteen Lady Million Lucky amounts to sporting a perfect compromise between world of perfumery and jewelry. Enough to satisfy more than one woman!

Sophia Ahrens, muse of Paco Rabanne

Finally, if Paco Rabanne has not yet unveiled the advertisement of this new juice, the sign has confirmed that its muse would be none other than Sophia Ahrens. This model of German and English origin became the icon of Paco Rabanne in 2017. She who was spotted barely 12 years old continues to multiply advertising contracts. Sophia Ahrens is considered one of the most fashionable tops on the planet. Bold and sparkling, we must admit that it fits perfectly with the image of Lady Million Lucky!

The lucky lady Million woman

The perfume house Paco Rabanne never ceases to offer us its quirky and original perfumes which are offered to us in fascinating universes, so exuberant that they become luxuriously eye-catching. What does it matter! Olympéa and Invictus make us dream, as for One Million and Lady Million they make us smile, especially each of its perfumes offers novelty, something new and many surprises. Lady Million Lucky, a pretty variation of the sulfurous Lady Million released in 2010, will once again carry us away in its multifaceted scents with such an attractive fruity impertinence. ..

Lady Million Lucky or the fruity and delicate scents of an impertinent young lady

For the perfumes of the house of Paco Rabanne, originality in the composition or in the communication has always been in order from Calandre in 1969 until ‘to the terrible couple One Million-Lady Million in the years 2010. On the other hand, if the last releases of the house are great successes in perfumery, the first perfumes, although recognized yet of great olfactory quality, did not obtain the expected success. The Paco Rabanne universe is sometimes difficult to define…

Anyway since Black XS and the two successful perfumed couples Olympéa-Invictus and One Million-Lady Million, Paco Rabanne has made people talk its fragrances like never before. Because the Paco Rabanne perfumes overplay, clash and shift to seduce us more and more and offer us the incredible. Men dream of gold bars and women of diamonds, all it takes is a “snap of the fingers” for them to obtain One Million the beautiful oriental and Lady Million the pretty fruity-amber lady and yet so delicately feminine. / p>

And if Lady Million is reborn in precious variations such as this magnificent Lady Million Lucky of 2018, it is not to offer déjà vu, it is to continue to surprise us, especially when the ‘we know the team of talented perfumers at the head of each creation!

“Lady Million juice itself was clearly built to please. Far from being a fragrance of great originality, it has the merit of being appreciated by all and of leaving a most pleasant and feminine trail. Vogue about Lady Million Paco Rabanne.

Juicy raspberries and sophisticated roses for a Lady Million Lucky woman as feminine as you want

As usual, the house of Paco Rabanne did left in its wake very little information on the makeup of Lady Million Lucky. We already know, however, that the pretty bottle of 2018 will be built to highlight the juicy raspberries of the original juice and that the traditional Lady Million jasmine will be replaced for this Lady Million Lucky by a more classic but also more delicate rose…

A rare thing today in a perfumery which likes to tell us its history and its success story, we do not know the authors of Lady Million Lucky. On the other hand, if we take a good look at the perfumers who took part in the different bottles of the Lady Million range, we can conclude that Anne Flipo like Dominique Ropion must certainly have built this so beautiful Lady Million Lucky as they have already built all the other bottles. .

Despite all these manufacturing and communication secrets, it is highly probable that this Lady Million Lucky will be as attractive as the other bottles in the range. In particular by the use of a rose much more classic than usual which is likely to reveal itself in contact with the brilliant modernities of Lady Million Lucky …

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