La Nuit Trésor Lancôme Eau de Parfum

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La Nuit Trésor Lancôme Eau de Parfum is a 2015 Oriental Fruity Gourmand Perfume by Lancome for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christophe Raynaud Amandine Marie . Top notes are Mandarin, Bergamot. Middle notes are Pink, Passion fruit, Strawberry. Base notes are Patchouli, Vanilla, Coumarin, Coffee, Caramel, Licorice, Vanillin.

La Nuit Trésor Lancôme Eau de Parfum
La Nuit Trésor Lancôme Eau de Parfum


La Nuit Trésor: The first gourmet aphrodisiac fragrance

At night, hearts become mysterious and perfumes intoxicate, the opposing stars come closer and explode in a deep and terribly addictive perfume “La Nuit Trésor”. Carried by the sublime and disturbing muse Pénélope Cruz, “La Nuit Trésor” offers deep facets of “black” rose and Tahitensis vanilla to offer a pure black diamond bewitching and… aphrodisiac?

The captivating and enveloping love potion of the 21st century: “Nuit Trésor”

“La Nuit Trésor” is “the expression of the burning embrace of two lovers.” According to Lancôme. The tone is set, the sensual and vibrant image of the mysterious fragrance born in 2015 is created. Using the beautiful legend of opposing stars which irresistibly attract each other to end up colliding and creating a black diamond, “La Nuit Trésor” is wrapped in a myth and wrapped in a marvelous story, so as not to forget all the same that it is considered one of the first aphrodisiac gourmet perfumes in history!

From advertising with Penelope Cruz who plays with chiaroscuro to better try to resist the brilliant young man who attracts her, to the bottle adorned with a black diamond with the fragrance crea ted in contrast, the concept of opposites inevitably attracted to it. ‘one towards the other is used in all aspects of “Nuit Trésor” communication. As for the reference to the love potion and the aphrodisiac virtue of perfume, it is powerfully suggested by a clear vocabulary (elixir, erotic, burning night …) but the elegance of the beautiful Lancôme perfume house would not be lowered. to mention more …

“Nuit Trésor” or the sensual and mysterious reinterpretation of the fabulous “Trésor”

“The agreement is quite irresistible, explain Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Marie, authors of La Nuit Trésor. It evokes the soft and warm skin of a woman. We have therefore deliberately pushed the carnal facet. By adding a hint of leather, the result is astonishing, truly narcotic. “

Designed like a true work of art, the black diamond of faceted glass by Lancôme houses a powerful and intoxicating, addictive and sensual fragrance,“ La Nuit Trésor ”. The fresh and slender top notes of bergamot and mandarin propel us towards beautiful light and tangy flights, far from the surprises that the heart of “Nuit Trésor” has in store for us … A few fruity accords of passion fruit and strawberry notes take us to the heart of the perfume to take us to a heart of black rose, the pretty Damanesca rose, worked to be chypre and more vibrant than ever in a contemporary and deliciously velvety facet.

These flowery powers will be married to gourmet, exotic and deep vanilla tahitensis to be sprinkled with moose lychee and a few notes of coffee, caramel and liquorice to prolong the addictive delicacies. Of course, how to create a bewitching trail without having affixed to the delicate marriage of Damanesca rose and vanilla a few notes of benzoin, patchouli and animal life in order to leave an impenetrable memory of the meeting between “Nuit Trésor” and the velvety of our skin …

“Nuit Trésor” is for Lancôme a “gourmand aphrodisiac [is the] expression of a scorching night in which those who love each other with absolute love embrace. »And the delicate composition around the original accords of rose and vanilla can only confirm it to us. The excellence of the creation and the meticulous choice of luxurious raw materials remind us that love potions can also be very elegant!

Considered the love potion of the 21st century, “La Nuit Trésor” was released in 2015 and follows on from the famous “Trésor” of 1990. Fascinating and mysterious, “La Nuit Trésor” is a most poetic fragrance. She was born from two stars attracted to each other and collided to create a truly explosive juice. “La Nuit Trésor” is a fragrance that attracts envy, because it seems to evolve in a very mysterious, even mystical universe. “La Nuit Trésor” is an ultra sensual elixir.

The duo of perfumers behind La Nuit Trésor

Lancôme decided to call on two talented perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Marie. Both then imagined the first gourmet aphrodisiac in the history of “La Nuit Trésor” perfumery. Christophe Raynaud is one of the most innovative perfumers of his generation. A graduate of ISIPCA in Versailles, Christophe Raynaud began his career at Créations Aromatique. We owe him some more exceptional fragrances than the others, such as “Luna” by Nina Ricci, “Modern Princess” by Lanvin or even “Jeu d’Amour “by Kenzo. Amandine Marie represents the second generation to work in the world of perfumery. She is currently employed by the Robertet house. About “La Nuit Trésor”, she affirms “This signed juice is recognizable by a powerful crystalline rose on an overdose of vanilla leather, in its aphrodisiac wake as powerful as absolute love ”. We owe to Amandine Marie, the success of “Chloé” by Chloé or “1881 Cerruti Sport” by Cerruti.

When the rose meets the Tahitensis vanilla orchid

“La Nuit Trésor” will therefore revolve around two magnificent flowers, the rose and the orchid. The composition will begin with the Damascena rose, the most popular of roses, electrified by rose oxide and by the black rose. This captivating accord is refreshed by notes of lychee. The heart is at once floral, mysterious and magical. It combines rose, jasmine, violet flower and heliotrope. This is combined with ultra gourmet tones such as praline and vanilla. Finally, the base leads us towards enveloping mysteries and to say the least sensual, thanks to the presence of incense, benzoin, patchouli and papyrus vapors. Solar and mystical, the composition of “La Nuit Trésor” is contained in an ultra luxurious setting.

< p> “La Nuit Trésor” is one of the greatest successes of the Lancôme brand. Ultra sensual elixir, “La Nuit Trésor” is built around rose and vanilla, two absolutely dazzling flowers.

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