Jasmin Molinard Perfume

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Jasmin Molinard Perfume is a 2015 Floral Floral Perfume by Molinard for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Jasmine, Lemon. Middle notes are Pink, Cloves, Orange Blossom. Base notes are White musks, Sandalwood.

Jasmin Molinard Perfume
Jasmin Molinard Perfume


Jasmin, when Molinard celebrates the flower of Grasse …

Jasmin, when Molinard celebrates the flower of Grasse …

Having become a “Living Heritage Company”, the venerable Molinard house has never ceased to propagate, through its delicate and precious perfumes , the spirit and the prestigious past of the city of Grasse. By offering Jasmine among the very first fragrances in the Les Elements range, Molinard celebrates the land that saw its birth and which produced its finest scented raw materials.

Jasmine, the fragrance of the queen flower of Molinard

As early as 1860, the Molinard house produced its very first perfume called Jasmin. This shows that the land of Grasse, a hotspot for perfume flowers, has inspired the talents of Molinard noses. Indeed, jasmine, a pretty opulent flower shaped like a star, has been cultivated since the 19th century in the southern lands of Grasse. Although jasmine cultivation has since crossed borders to spread to Asian countries (especially for sambac jasmine), the flower, especially Jasmin Grandiflorum (large-flowered jasmine), is still harvested in Grasse de July to October and if possible at dawn.

Many perfumeries, including the prestigious house of Chanel, use this opulent French jasmine for their most beautiful scented creations: Chanel n ° 5, Guerlinade de Guerlain (and the many fragrances resulting from it including Shalimar), and more recently Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf or even the famous J’adore.

With such success, jasmine had to be represented by one of the oldest traditional perfumery houses in Grasse: Molinard. Thus was born for the second time in 1995, then the very last time in 2015, the beautiful Jasmin. Hatched up on the perfumed childhood memories of the new manager of the family company born in Grasse, Célia Lerouge-Bénard, Jasmin offers us her divine scents through a fresh and poetic composition.

The beauty of jasmine and jasmine enhanced by rose and lemon

The bottles of the magnificent The Elements collection are sometimes dressed in a bright purple, sometimes dressed in a sober cylindrical glass garment recalling its historical origin. Jasmin will therefore appear in these two forms, sometimes in a garment of light in the symbolic colors of Molinard, sometimes in a sort of “distillery” reminiscent of those created for the Molinard workshops by Eiffel.

From the top notes, Jasmine sends us its precious notes of… jasmine to better stun us with freshness with some refreshing lemon notes. Then the rose and the orange blossom, queens of Grasse, open the heart of the beautiful Jasmine to better spice it up with a few cloves. In depth the sandalwood will bring its intoxicating sensuality to be better enveloped in the cottony softness of white musks. & nbsp;
“Floral, Woody, Musky.

Of a poetic, delicate and luxuriant nature, the starry flower transports us to our childhood gardens. Jasmin de Molinard exudes a mischievous sensuality with assertive femininity. »Molinard for Jasmin, Les Elements Collection.

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