Irresistible Givenchy Eau de Parfum

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Irresistible Givenchy Eau de Parfum is a 2020 Floral Fruity Perfume by Givenchy for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Ambrette, Pear. Middle notes are Iris, Pink. Base notes are Musk, Cedar.

Irresistible Givenchy Eau de Parfum
Irresistible Givenchy Eau de Parfum


Irresistible, the new very fruity fragrance from Givenchy

Exit the previous Very Irrésistible or Live Irrésistible. This time, Givenchy goes for simplicity and decides to name his new essence Irresistible. This flashy name goes to the heart of the matter, exactly in the image of the woman he embodies. Irrésistible de Givenchy is presented in a new bottle, daring an essence rich in relief and accompanied by a new muse. So what about all of this new stuff? We tell you everything!

The softness of a soft pink bottle signed Givenchy

Let’s start with the bottle of this new perfume first. Irrésistible de Givenchy comes in a pale pink bottle, much less flashy than before. Here, it is undeniably a question of sweetness and poetry. Likewise, Givenchy abandons its slender bottle for a more cubic shape, the edges of which have been rounded and softened. His glass, meanwhile, would seem almost quilted, reminiscent of the beauty of a case of makeup powder. Irresistible is also topped with a chrome and shimmering cap, in a rose gold color. Everything comes in three different versions, 35, 50 or 80 ml.

The floral and contrasting personality of Irrésistible feminine perfume by Givenchy

Irrésistible de Givenchy brings together two opposing but complementary olfactory accords . On the one hand, the rose is very feminine, romantic and luscious. On the other hand, a note of blond wood gives more depth and character to this composition. To this are also added fruity and animal top notes, mixing pear and ambrette, a daring and immediately identifiable duo. The base notes of Irresistible, on the other hand, reveal a powdery and elegant touch of iris, associated with Virginia cedar. Finally, musk completes all of its animality.

Fran Summers, the new face of Givenchy

Finally, to perfect this olfactory sorie, Givenchy has decided to call on a new muse. This time, it’s up to the British model Fran Summers to join the prestigious circle of Givenchy women. At barely 20 years old, Fran Summers is considered one of the rising stars of modeling. As proof, she is among the 10 models having the most parade in 2019, with more than 70 shows to her credit for the biggest luxury brands. However, Fran Summers remains simple, not hesitating to share photos of her grimacing or disguised on social networks. After all, as this essence suggests, women have a whole bunch of ways to be irresistible! Although very attractive,

Very Irrésistible and Live Irrésistible are well-known perfumes from the house of Givenchy. Reinvented several times, they have given birth to sweet and gourmet juices for several years. However, in 2020, they both abandon their elongated and pyramidal bottle to present themselves in a new more cubic container. Givenchy’s latest fragrance is simply called Irrésistible and focuses on the essential. Incarnated onscreen by Fran Summers, Irrésistible celebrates the seductive and bewitching femininity that is impossible to resist. So what about this luscious and radiant new scent? For the occasion, Givenchy relies on a floral, woody and fruity composition.

Irresistible from Givenchy, fruity and animal top notes

Like many of perfumes, Irrésistible de Givenchy soars on fruity and refreshing top notes. However, it is not here about the traditional citrus fruits. Givenchy prefers to use pear, a green and juicy ingredient, packed with vitamins, and ideal to make our mouths water from the start. As is the case with most fruits, the scent of the pear has been fully reproduced in the laboratory. Very complicated to extract, it does not give rise to any essential oil and is therefore replaced by synthetic molecules.
Here, for Irrésistible, the pear combines with ambrette, a variety of hibiscus from the India. Here, it is the small bean-shaped seeds from the shrub that are used to obtain an essence. Fruity and rich in subtleties, this raw material is as musky as it is powdery or animal. She opens this composition in a very original way.

The rose, emblematic flower of perfumery as a major ingredient in Irrésistible de Givenchy

For the heart of its perfume, and to highlight Highlighting all the femininity of its fragrance, Givenchy has bet on one of the most emblematic ingredients of perfumery. The romanticism of the woman who wears this perfume is exacerbated by the presence of rose. After all, what flower more iconic than this to symbolize temptation and seduction? Always used in essences, the rose has been used in perfumery since Antiquity. As proof, the bewitching Queen Cleopatra was already a fervent admirer. Subtle and rich in many fragrant reliefs, the rose gives Irrésistible de Givenchy a powdery, floral, luminous and fruity breath.

The powdery and woody base of Irrésistible de Givenchy

Note, however, that the rose is not the only flower to occupy a prominent place in this perfume. The iris here reveals all its opulence and nobility. While releasing a very powdery scent, it also helps to reinforce the nobility of this essence. Indeed, the iris is one of the most refined raw materials of the entire palette of the perfumer. In the wake of Irrésistible de Givenchy, it builds up with Virginia cedar, a dry wood that brings more persistence and hold to this composition. Musk, on the other hand, leaves a more animal scent in its base notes. It is the symbol of all the temptation of this perfume.

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