Ilm Parfum

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Ilm Parfum is a fragrance by Kemi. The notes of this fragrance are Assam oud, Bangladeshi oud, Laotian oud


Arabic for “knowledge, ” ‘Ilm represents the collective wisdom of the Golden Age of Islam, one of the highest points of achievement in the history of the world. With this fragrance, Kemi honors the sophistication, depth and artistic soul of this time and place with a pure parfum dedicated to perhaps the most precious and multifaceted of all ingredients- oud.
Drawing on three precious types of oud- aged Indian Assam, Bangladeshi agarwood, and pure oud oil from Laos, ‘Ilm is both completely straightforward and endlessly detailed, the blend of varieties producing every possible facet of oud- rich, dark, animalic, smokey, medicinal, creamy, spicy and mysterious. Like the pursuit of knowledge itself, it is an unreachable destination that fills us with happiness, for there is always something new to discover.

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Specification: Ilm Parfum


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