Hugo Iced Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss

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Hugo Iced Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss is a 2017 Aromatic Aquatic Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Mint, Tea. Middle notes are Pine, Orange. Base notes are Vetiver.

Hugo Iced Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss
Hugo Iced Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss


Hugo Iced, the frosted version of the famous Hugo Boss perfume

Well, followers of this essence will very soon be able to perfume themselves with one of its descendants. The Hugo Boss brand has just announced the news: Hugo Iced should see the light of day by January 2017 and already promises to breathe a breath of unparalleled freshness in our daily lives. This has already been described as a revitalizing scent made from “ice mint for a daring freshness, wild tea for an energetic boost and vetiver for an assertive masculinity”.

The daring temperament of the Hugo Boss man

Hugo has always been seen as a man well freed from the dictates of society. He is free and daring, doing what he wants and above all following his instincts. Moreover, since its appearance in 1995, it immediately stood out thanks to its slogan: “Do not imitate, innovate!” “. Also, this self-assertion still seems to be pushed to its limits thanks to the Hugo Iced perfume. This daring juice is more invigorating than ever, displaying a biting freshness like a real boost in everyday life. After all, it took no less to allow the Hugo Boss man to fulfill his wildest dreams! Hugo Iced is thus intended for ambitious men eager to reach the highest peak of their dreams. The latter nonetheless evolve in a now urban universe. However, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean they forgot their primary and vigorous instincts.

Hugo Iced’s frozen recipe

Hugo Iced is a perfume that definitely lives up to its name. Indeed, even if its recipe has not been fully disclosed for the moment, we already know that its freshness will be absolutely intense. It begins with the biting presence of peppermint. Typical ingredient of fresh masculine waters, bringing here a real ice cube effect resonating like a boost in everyday life . Then, this is relayed by a more aromatic flavor of green tea, generally appreciated for its more vegetal sweetness. Thus, it serves as a bridge between the incisive start of Hugo Iced and its more structured base made of vetiver. This major ingredient in men’s perfumes here delivers a whole host of facets, appearing in turn smoky, earthy, woody, warm and intensely masculine. Finally, Note also that Hugo Iced is presented in a bottle very similar to that of Hugo. This one has retained its old gourd shape. On the other hand, it has swapped its transparency for an absolutely urban and contemporary metallic gray lacquer. Its cabochon, meanwhile, is connected to its base by a black fabric while only its name contrasts with the general sobriety of this perfume, appearing as always in a dazzling red.

Released in 2017, “ Hugo Iced ”is described as a“ vibrant, icy and stimulating ”fragrance by the Hugo Boss brand. “Hugo Iced” is therefore a true concentrate of freshness, both aromatic and woody. The free spirit of Hugo Boss is always present, as with each of his perfumes. Free and urban, Hugo Boss men now have an elegant and ultra fresh fragrance. Always so daring, the Hugo Boss brand takes us into a world of modern and innovative sensations. Urban and contemporary, the “Hugo Iced” man accomplishes his dreams in complete freedom!

Hugo’s perfumed world, free, young and urban

From the brand’s first fragrance in 1995, Hugo Boss blows a breath of modernity and freedom. Each fragrance is not only an expression of freedom, but also that of urban youth. “Hugo Boss” is the scent of a dynamic businessman who moves in an urban world. Bold, the Hugo Boss house likes to innovate while remaining contemporary. “Hugo Iced” is aptly named here as it exudes an intense and biting freshness. The ingredients have been chosen with care to offer the maximum of a surprisingly young and free freshness!

Hugo Iced, an aromatic and woody freshness

“Hugo Iced” soars on the freshness of peppermint. & nbsp; The latter is a hybrid resulting from the cross between them species of mint (water mint and peppermint).

Peppermint owes its Latin name “piperita”, to its strongly peppery smell. According to legend, the name “mentha” is linked to Greek mythology. Minthe was a nymph that Proserpina goddess, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, transformed into a flower with a peppery smell, out of jealousy. Peppermint has long been used for its medicinal properties. In perfumery, the essence of peppermint is obtained by steam distillation of flowering and dried plants. It gives off ultra fresh tones, but also spicy and herbaceous. Then, the heart of “Hugo Iced” combines bitter orange and wild tea for a most intense aromatic effect.

Finally, the base of “Hugo Iced” mixes vetiver and juniper , for an ultra woody base. Native to the Indian continent, vetiver loves tropical areas. Vetiver is a plant that resembles a meadow grass and its size can reach 1.50m tall. Vetiver was originally used for its medicinal properties. The Indians used to call it “the oil of tranquility”. Today, Haiti produces 50% of the world’s vetiver resources. In perfumery, vetiver was initially used only in men’s compositions. It now has its place in all niche perfumery. Vetiver gives off woody, earthy, smoky and tenacious scents. The bottle resembles the iconic Hugo Boss water bottle. Nevertheless, here it is covered with a silver metallic layer offering a final touch of elegance.

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