Higher Energy Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

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Higher Energy Christian Dior Eau de Toilette is a 2003 Citrus Gourmand New Freshness Cologne by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux . Top notes are Grapefruit, Juniper. Middle notes are Nutmeg, Incense, Pear. Base notes are Vetiver, White musks.

Higher Energy Christian Dior Eau de Toilette
Higher Energy Christian Dior Eau de Toilette


Higher Energy: A modern and powerful flight of new freshness of citrus

Building on its success, the great perfume house proposed in 2003 a new version which is also gaining height to better take off: Higher Energy.

A fragrance like a new philosophy of life: Higher Energy

The strong concept of the Higher perfume line is precisely that there is no longer a concept! Or rather that simplicity and beauty do not need to be emphasized in an exaggerated way to exist … to sell too …

Thus, the first Higher campaign linked to the haute-couture collection, was based on timeless and elegant black and white images to better disseminate the ultramodern scented raw materials and always so rigorously chosen. While Higher Energy offers sparkling olfactory novelties, the advertising campaign has retained its refined charm.

Filmed in close-up, the young model RJ Rogenski poses with his shirt open to all winds, showing a close-up of his brand new feeling of freedom. No music, but on the contrary an aerial view on a cloudy sky which is enveloped in the power of large displacement engines. The strength of this man comes from Nature and his free spirit, that nothing nobody could stop him!

Clearly displayed, Higher Energy, like its predecessor, is displayed for Dior as “A young and urban fragrance for men open to new perspectives and horizons “.

Higher Energy or a natural ultra-vitamin cocktail

If the bottle of Higher Energy plays with transparencies to reveal a bright lemon-yellow juice, the frank and clean masculine lines of the bottle with its square shoulders remain. Inspired by the most innovative urban concepts, Higher Energy once again demonstrates its sensational thirst for modernity.

The beautiful citrus has lost none of the legendary pep’s of its elder brother and does not hesitate to play on the freshness of citrus fruits to better seduce men eager for tonicity. The top notes are necessarily the “energy” of this spicy grapefruit scent, which does not prevent the notes of Guinevere berries from bringing their spicy and finely scented sweetness to the citrus. The essence of black pepper strengthens the heart of the fragrance accompanied by the strong sensuality of incense. However, Higher Energy retains the melting and sweet pear note of its original juice, which offers an original and gourmet touch to this powerful fragrant set. Finally, the Higher Energy man will offer a deep woody and wild trail thanks to vetiver, so dear to Dior, delicately coated with white musks.

Like a New Man, the Higher Energy man draws his strength from himself and what he wears: his perfume of course! Far from being an inconsistent fop, the man as seen by Dior with this ultra modern and ultra refined perfume draws his vital energy from the elements that surround him. Thus his freedom is never hindered and his strength constantly renewed.

Building on the success of “Higher”, the Dior brand presented “Higher Energy” in 2003. Far from fashion and fragrance trends, Dior broke away from the dictates by presenting a refined “Higher” fragrance. Christian Dior affirms that Higher Energy is a “young and urban perfume for a man open to new perspectives and horizons”… Produced by Olivier Pescheux, the composition of “ Higher Energy ”is citrus with an aspect nevertheless ultra vitamin. Like a magic potion, “Higher Energy” leaves a positive energy pushing us to exceed our limits.

< h2> Olivier Pescheux offers a refined Dior composition with Higher Energy

Olivier Pescheux was born in Paris, so far from the capital of perfume. He wanted to become a perfumer at the age of 10 and oriented his studies towards a DEUG in chemistry. He then succeeded in integrating the prestigious school of perfumery of Versailles, ISIPCA. While working at Givaudan, Olivier Pescheux had the opportunity to create perfumes for many fashion houses, such as Dior, Montblanc, Yves Saint Laurent and Hugo Boss. In 2010, Olivier Pescheux won the International Perfume Prize (former François Coty Prize). Dior called on Olivier Pescheux to create “Higher” in 2001 and “Higher Energy” in 2003. He wanted a fresh and refined composition, going against the fashion of the year 2000.

Higher Energy, a flavored vitamin cocktail

Really energizing, “Higher Energy” subtly associates a vitamin accord with both woody and spicy notes. The result is a fragrance that sounds like a breath of fresh air, in an urban world. “Higher Energy” begins with notes of grapefruit combined with that of juniper berries. We find traces of juniper berries around 1500 BC. AD, because the berries were then used as medicine. Legend has it that you had to eat a juniper berry a day in order to ward off any illness. It is the steam distillation of the berries that produces the essential oil. Juniper berries give off woody, spicy and slightly peppery tones. The heart of “Higher Energy” combines black pepper with nutmeg and pear. The black pepper here is native to India, which means it is top quality. The essence of black pepper is obtained by steam distillation of water. In perfumery, black pepper offers peppery tones, but also dry, woody and fresh. The base is ultra virile and sensual, because it combines Haitian vetiver and white musks. The bottle is similar to its predecessor, namely sober and uncluttered.

After the success of “Higher” in 2001, the house of Dior presents “Higher Energy”, a fragrance of a different kind. Both citrusy and powerful, the essence is considered a vitamin cocktail that allows us to keep a dazzling shape.

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