Hermès H24 Eau de Toilette

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Hermès H24 Eau de Toilette is a 2021 Aromatic Green Cologne by Hermes for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel . Top notes are Clary sage. Middle notes are Metallic notes. Base notes are Narcissus.

Hermès H24 Eau de Toilette
Hermès H24 Eau de Toilette


H24 the new Eau de Toilette for men signed Hermès

H24 is a tribute to modern masculinity, while repeatedly echoing the history of the Hermès brand. So what does his enigmatic name mean? What breath is hidden in this sleek bottle? We tell you everything!

H24, much more than just a name, a symbol

First of all, let’s start by better understanding the name of this perfume: H24. At first glance, it is an echo of the 24 hours present in a day. Indeed, the current man is multiple. He leads a rich professional life and a dense personal life, without neglecting his personal development. 24 hours are no longer enough for him to accomplish all the tasks he aims to do in a day. This is what this perfume refers to first. However, the message goes far beyond. The H also echoes the name of the Hermès brand. To this is also added the H of the words Man and Humanity. Once again, through this perfume, Hermès places man at the center of all things. He makes him a fascinating being, just begging to be discovered. In parallel, the number 24 does not only symbolize the 24 hours of the day. It is also a reference to the number and address of Hermès since 1880. Indeed, since its creation, the brand has occupied the same location in Paris, at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It is therefore a plunge into his intimate universe and his heritage.

H24 d’Hermès, an aromatic fragrance in a modern and refined bottle

Now that the enigma has been deciphered, let’s spend a moment discovering this perfume itself. On the scent side, it owes its existence to the official perfumer of the Hermès house: the talented Christine Nagel. To design this perfume, she was inspired by the Hermès workshop, while the hot irons come to cover the still damp fabric. This movement gives off a metallic vapor with a very particular odor. This is recreated in this perfume based on a synthetic molecule called sclarene. Sage, on the other hand, is the other central element of this fragrance. It gives this fragrance a more Mediterranean breath. Finally, for more elegance, H24 also contains narcissus and rosewood.
To be more respectful of the planet, the H24 perfume from Hermès is presented to us in a cardboard box made from recycled and recyclable paper, printed only on its front in order to limit its impact on the environment. Its bottle, meanwhile, is a glass case forming a diamond. Devoid of everything superfluous, it combines a very light green color with a cylindrical steel cap. The whole is produced by the prestigious house Pochet du Courval.

At the start of 2021 , the house of Hermès presents us with a new fragrance called H24. The olfactory expression of contemporary man according to Hermès, it is a lively and refreshing creation, combining traditional techniques with more innovative materials. H24 is “the expression of the world in motion and of contemporary man in the world”. Presented in an architectural and refined bottle, it immediately exudes a notion of modernity. So what about its makeup?

Sage, the main ingredient in the H24 d’Hermès fragrance

H24 d’Hermès is a very refreshing fragrance and Mediterranean. It is part of a register widely used in male perfumery: aromatics. Green and invigorating, it does not lack fire or panache. Sage is its central ingredient. It is she who gives him his indomitable temperament, perfectly in harmony with the men of today. However, its energy does not detract from its elegance. To this is also added narcissus, a chypre flower, as well as rosewood. With this ultimate raw material, H24 affirms its virility with gentleness and tenderness.

Sclarene, an innovative synthetic material

In addition to these main ingredients, H24 also gives off a more innovative and surprising breath. This comes from a synthetic molecule called sclarene. More specifically, it is an ingredient whose scent is reminiscent of hot steam in contact with a metal surface. If Christine Nagel has chosen to incorporate it into her recipe, it is above all to echo the intimate universe of Hermès. With the sclarene, H24 takes us to the brand’s sewing workshops, while the hot sole of the iron presses the still damp fabrics.

H24, a daring fragrance signed Christine Nagel

In general, H24 is a perfume in perfect harmony with the universe of Christine Nagel, official perfumer of Hermès. Indeed, she is a free and hedonistic woman, loving chemistry as much as perfumery. With an undeniable know-how in synthetic molecules, she says she is fascinated by the wakes of plume, as is precisely the case in this masculine juice. In addition, note that Christine Nagel grew up in the Mediterranean region. With sage, the designer tells us a bit of her personal story. This fragrance therefore echoes his personal tastes as well as the history of Hermès. It is an intimate dive into the premises of Hermès, while giving thanks to the men of today.
“ H24 is the olfactory expression of contemporary man according to Hermès. A creation that combines, as in each of the brand collections, traditional techniques and innovative materials ”. It is a perfume designed for a man in perfect harmony with his environment, an agile and lively man, a man constantly on the move.

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