Girls Can Say Anything Zadig & Voltaire

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Girls Can Say Anything Zadig & Voltaire is a 2019 Oriental Floral by Zadig & Voltaire for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Iris. Middle notes are Peony, Tonka bean. Base notes are Vanilla, Musk.

Girls Can Say Anything Zadig & Voltaire
Girls Can Say Anything Zadig & Voltaire


Girls Zadig & Voltaire can say whatever they want …

In a trendy and avant-garde spirit, Zadig & amp; Voltaire advocates a certain image of freedom, encouraging its customers to live as they see fit and to laugh at what people say. Following this philosophy, Zadig & amp; Voltaire had therefore created, in 2018, a fragrance for women called Girls Can Do Anything . Now, this essence comes with a little sister. In this year 2019, Zadig & amp; Voltaire presents the Girls Can Say Anything perfume.

Girls Can Say Anything, a fragrance that smells of freedom!

Let’s start by discovering the universe of Girls Can Say Anything, the new perfume from Zadig & amp; Voltaire. With him, feminism appears more radiant and uninhibited than ever. Zadig & amp; Voltaire plays here in the register of impertinence. The brand invites those who wear their fragrance to experience new things and to become fully committed to causes that seem right to them. This fragrance is totally free from conventional luxury codes and displays fiery energy and indomitable lightness. From then on, the woman who gets drunk on its scent becomes freer to move. Luxury becomes more daring on a daily basis. Zadig & amp; Voltaire displays an ambitious message: “Sweep away convenience with recklessness. Revoke the established order, surprise with glee. Dare unexpected, with exhilaration. Multiply the experiences ”.

Zadig & amp; Voltaire is inspired by a water bottle

As with the previous Girls Can Do Anything, on the bottle side, the Zadig & amp; Voltaire brand was inspired by a water bottle. If this choice is unexpected, it is fully assumed by the brand, displaying a very modern and refined side, but also uninhibited and relaxed. This form of water bottle is displayed in particular at the base of this bottle. The rest is just roundness and generosity. A chrome cap then overhangs the whole for more refinement. The pink of the previous Girls Can Do Anything has nevertheless disappeared in favor of a new red color.

Girls Can Say Anything, a light and floral fragrance

All that remains is for us to discover the scent of this new perfume. Girls Can Say Anything is a juice that belongs to the fern family, a very widespread scent category that is equally popular with women and men. Modern and light, the fern is here reinvented with poetry and romanticism. It is enriched with noble flowers like the iris and the peony. If the iris relies on a traditionally powdery scent, the peony, for its part, is more complex. It is both floral and fruity, generous but not opulent. The vanilla then makes float on this perfume a more sulfurous breath. Its gluttony is amplified by the milky presence of tonka bean. Finally, Girls Can Say Anything ends with a more animal and sensual touch of musk.

Zadig & amp; Voltaire has recently distinguished itself in perfumery with a first perfume duo in 2016, This is Her and This is Him, followed successfully by a second duo the following year Just Rock For Her and Just Rock For Him. . In 2018, she asserted herself a little more with the sparkling and singular Girls Can Do Anything designed as a neo fern by the brilliant perfumer Quentin Bish. What will happen to this new opus of 2019, Girls Can Say Anything?

Girls Can Say Anything between classic flowers and modern sensual impulses

Anything young in the field of perfumery Zadig & amp; Voltaire, already very famous in the world of fashion, was quick to blow his elegant rock wind to ever more unique perfume bottles. In 2018, the house astonished us with a Girls Can Do Anything, in homage to the iconic t-shirt of the label, composed by Quentin Bish. Between opulent and sunny flowers of neroli, notes of juicy and gourmet pear and an ultra sensual woody trail, Girls Can Do Anything has won over free and daring young women who do not hesitate to get on their skateboard while being as feminine as you want. & nbsp; In 2019, Zadig & amp; Voltaire will thus propose to us to continue this journey in today’s femininity by offering this time to young modern women the means to “make them speak”. with the tender and sensual Girls Can Say Anything. Always so brazen, a megaphone in hand, the young woman of Girls Can Do Anything seems to have settled down with this opus. & Nbsp; “Girls can Say Anything, a fragrance that proclaims her freedom. The perfect representation of a modern femininity that strives to always express itself openly. ” Zadig & amp; Voltaire for Girls Can Say Anything.

When peony and iris come together with the warmth of tonka bean and vanilla for Girls Can Say Anything

With Girls Can Do Anything, Quentin Bish offered the women of 2018 a clever cocktail of sunny flowers coated with sensuality and fruits, what will the pretty Girls Can say Anything have in store for us in 2019? Will it also be the fruit of this prodigy perfumer Quentin Bish who brings a breath of modernity to feminine perfumery? We do not yet know who created Girls Can Say Anything, however, we do know that the latter offers a clever mix of rather traditional olfactory notes and depths of absolute modernity. Girls Can Say Anything begins with an iris accord that brings intense powdery freshness and precious elegance. At the heart, the pretty fresh and delicate peony echoes this traditional flower as the tonka bean warms all of its strength. Finally the depths of vanilla and musk turn into a sensual velvet ready to bewitch anyone who approaches this playful young woman from Girls Can Say Anything. What is more, this marriage of round and retro flowers with sensual and vanilla notes gives it an incredible modernity.

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