Fuyu Eau de Parfum

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Fuyu Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Tom Daxon. The notes of this fragrance are White peach, jasmine, iris, soft musks, cedar


Inspired by the delicate juiciness of a Japanese fuyu persimmon, Fuyu is a floral skin musk of unique refinement and subtle yet indescribable pleasure. It opens on an accord of exceptional cleverness- white peach providing the sophisticated sweetness and cedarwood delivering a subtly creamy woodsiness that together create the illusion of a soft, perfectly ripe persimmon. The heart notes quickly unfold, revealing a bouquet of beguilingly powdery iris set against a luscious jasmine that keeps the fruity tones balanced. And all is laid softly on a bed of pillowy musks that surround the skin, softening, soothing, and purring with gentle sensuality. It’s a true beauty of a skin scent, as perfect for iris lovers as it is for fans of subtly fruity musks- a fragrance with minimal intensity, but maximum complexity, and one that proves that Tom Daxon’s talents extend to every aspect of fragrance.

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Specification: Fuyu Eau de Parfum


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