Elie Saab Eau de Toilette Le Parfum Resort Elie Saab Collection

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Elie Saab Eau de Toilette Le Parfum Resort Elie Saab Collection is a 2017 Floral Fruity Cologne by Elie Saab for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian . Top notes are Mandarin, Frangipani. Middle notes are Jasmine, Orange Blossom. Base notes are Patchouli.

Elie Saab Eau de Toilette Le Parfum Resort Elie Saab Collection
Elie Saab Eau de Toilette Le Parfum Resort Elie Saab Collection


Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017, the house’s eighth version

Also, it is precisely this innate sense of style that we find in his olfactory creations. As such, Elie Saab is currently presenting his brand new fragrance called Resort Collection 2017, a floral digest with a summery character and coming to curl up in a faceted case of rose and coral.

Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017 , the house’s eighth version

The Perfume Resort Collection 2017 is by no means the first olfactory test of the Elie Saab brand. In fact, its launch in perfumery dates back to 2011. It was at this moment that Elie Saab chose to sublimate each of his outfits with a floral digest that is both aerial and woody. A huge success, this first perfume was followed, in 2012, by its lighter version in an Eau de Toilette . Eau de Parfum Intense, for its part, made its appearance a year later, in 2013, seeming to capture the ardor of a sunset and revealing feminine beauty through accents warmer than ever. Eau Couture, in turn, is lightened with Calabrian bergamot and magnolia while playing on a trail of green almond slightly vanilla. It was then in 2015 that the first Parfum Resort Collection appeared. This appeared to be the most fruity version of the brand, notably containing fig in its top notes, followed by a floral bouquet more solar than ever. In 2016, Elie Saab was therefore more creative than ever, creating a successive Rose Couture and Nuit Noor edition. But then,

The new Elie Saab flavor

The Perfume Resort Collection 2017 comes in a bottle that is reminiscent of that of its predecessors. A real glass prism playing with light, this time is available in absolutely feminine coral red tones. Its scent is the work of the talented Francis Kurkdjian. Renowned perfumer famous all over the planet, he is at the origin of the entire olfactory range of Elie Saab. The brand seems to swear only by this creator as its sophistication and daring are exceptional. He has chosen here to develop his perfume as a condensed sun and good humor. The Perfume Resort Collection 2017 smells of the sea and the sun. It begins with a fruity and tangy combination of red mandarin and frangipani. His heart, meanwhile, based on a trio of pomegranate, orange blossom and sambac jasmine. Finally, Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017 ends with a more sustained and insanely sensual trail emanating from patchouli.

Elie Saab reinterprets the iconic Resort Collection

The Elie Saab house has always been closely linked to the world of couture. Since childhood, the creator of this brand has been simply passionate about fashion, a love that has allowed him to overcome all obstacles to reach the highest peak of his art . Also, all that was missing from Elie Saab’s elegance was a perfume. It was therefore naturally done in 2011. A real success, this juice is now once again reinterpreted in a new version called Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017.

The different variations of Elie Saab Perfume

Elie Saab has always seemed to swear by Francis Kurkdjian’s talent for making his perfumes. In addition, this one is recognized today on the whole planet and very quickly met a dazzling success thanks to its very first creation which is none other than the emblematic Male of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Francis Kurkdjian is a demanding character who is recognized in particular for his timelessness, his daring and the sophistication of his creations. However, it is precisely these characteristics that we find in the different variations of Elie Saab perfumes. The first of them was created in 2011 and took on the appearance of a floral dominated by a bouquet of white flowers associated with woody tones. Then, this initial juice was followed by an eau de toilette in 2012, a fragrance with more marked freshness based on mandarin blossom. In contrast, in 2013, the Elie Saab perfume became more Intense, as having captured “the ardor of the sunset”. The 2014 Eau Couture is in turn lightened with bergamot and magnolia, playing on a transparent background made from green almond. It was then that the first Resort Collection edition was created, in 2015. It was more fruity than usual, adding fig in its top notes and developing a floral bouquet more solar than before.

The new Resort Collection 2017

The ambition of the house of Elie Saab for this new fragrance was to symbolize more than ever the good humor linked to the onset of sunny days. In other words, Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017 is an essence that smells like summer. It alone evokes the sea and the sun above the water. It opens with the tangy freshness of a red mandarin associated with the delicacy of the frangipani flower. Then, its white luminosity shines through an assembly of orange blossom and sambac jasmine, further enhanced by a fruity breath of pomegranate. Finally, patchouli completes this fragrance with more character and sensuality. As always, everything is presented in a very elaborate architectural bottle. Entirely fashioned from glass, it multiplies the play of light in a gradient evolving from a coral red base to a completely transparent top. Everything turns out to be particularly elegant, therefore sticking perfectly to the image we have of the house of Elie Saab.

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