Eden Cacharel Perfume

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Eden Cacharel Perfume is a 1994 Floral Fruity Perfume by Cacharel for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jean Guichard . Top notes are Mandarin, Tarragon, Green note. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Ylang ylang, Tuberose. Base notes are Patchouli, Vanilla.

Eden Cacharel Perfume
Eden Cacharel Perfume


Eden, here everything is only calm, luxury and pleasure

Cacharel’s first fragrance “Anaïs Anaïs” conquered young girls around the world and helped propel the brand to the forefront. All perfumes have a story and very often Cacharel likes to put love at the heart of his fragrances. “Eden” was born in 1994 and changed emotions. As its name suggests, it is a juice from heaven, an ode to nature, an invitation to well-being. Let yourself be guided …

Eden, here everything is only calm, luxury and pleasure

Eden takes us to an imaginary world, a lush garden. You just have to relax and let yourself go to the emotions. Cacharel’s paradise is a world where pleasure and happiness reign. Paradise is a world for all, a universal paradise. It is located halfway between the earth and the imagination. It is a sensual and dreamlike place. Land of harmony, exchange and freedom, “Eden” invites us to open up to the world. “Eden” finds its place in a lush garden where trees, flowers and fruits come together to form an earthly paradise that is unlike any other. As Charles Baudelaire recommended in his invitation to travel, “Here everything is only calm, luxury and pleasure”.

Eden’s heavenly notes

“Eden” has succeeded in transmitting the calm of the water and this contrasts with more spicy notes. “Eden” begins with very fresh notes. Water lily, lotus, rush flower, pineapple and melon offer an unparalleled wave of freshness, slightly sweet thanks to the presence of water fruits. The heart is brighter because of the orange blossom. The latter brings here its solar side while the violet gives off powdery scents. Mimosa and acacia flower offer their share of femininity. The base is more intense, it is sublimated by the patchouli while the sandalwood gives a more milky impression. The bottle of “Eden” is unlike any other. In the shape of a large opaline pebble, it has a round and asymmetrical shape. Its jade color is also enigmatic. It is the exclusive result of a mixing process of colored peppers. Thus, the color is never exactly the same and each bottle is different. Concretely, each copy of Eden is unique, which is unprecedented in the history of perfumery.

With “Eden”, Cacharel transports us to his paradise. A calm, lush world that invites meditation. A place of exchange and harmony where peace is the key word. An original composition, “Eden” is a little gem, that of a very real olfactory paradise.

Released in 1994, ” Eden “symbolizes paradise according to Cacharel. “Eden” is a fragrance which sticks to nature and which makes us discover a unique olfactory paradise. The Garden of Eden is a lush, poetic, imaginary place where all is calm, luxury and pleasure… Because it symbolizes the universal earth, “Eden” is almost unreal water. Fresh, sweet and sensual, “Eden” is nevertheless not lacking in impertinence. When Cacharel reinvents paradise, he calls himself “Eden”.

Eden de Cacharel, pure emotions signed Jean Guichard

It’s to the perfumer Jean Guichard, whom Cacharel called upon in 1994 to reinvent paradise. Jean Guichard was born in Grasse and was therefore raised in a scent paradise. You should know that Jean Guichard is not only a perfumer, but also the director of the Givaudan school. For him, “The perfumer is an artist, a poet and a scientist” … From his childhood, Jean Guichard remembers picking roses in the gardens of Grasse. Since 1946, the Givaudan School has been training the biggest noses on the planet and it is a real honor to be part of it. Regarding the composition of “Eden”, Jean Guichard affirms, “It is a perfume that transports you to the summer atmosphere where at dawn, you walk in a garden flooded with water. A water bursting with perfumes where freshness and sensuality are reconciled ”… The passion that Jean Guichard won from his father, he also passed on to his son, Aurélien, who in turn became a perfumer. We owe Jean Guichard beautiful fragrances such as “Obsession” by Calvin Klein, “L’Interdit” by Givenchy or even “Concentré d’Orange Verte” by Hermès.

The Eden perfume, a fresh paradise and sensual signed Cacharel

Jean Guichard has proposed a composition where water takes its place, and where nature is sublimated. Halfway between a real and imaginary paradise, “Eden” is a sensual and dreamlike place. “Eden” begins with rare notes, both fresh and giving off paradisiacal sensations. Indeed, the top notes combine water lily, lotus, rush flower, associated with water-soaked and sun-drenched fruits such as pineapple and melon. The water lily is a flower par excellence. The water lily is an aquatic herbaceous plant. With their large, oval leaves, water lilies float on water with natural ease. In perfumery, the water lily is used for the softness and freshness it offers to compositions. Here, it is associated in the heart with the orange blossom which sublimates the luminosity of the aquatic paradise. The violet will then offer its powdery tone. The mimosa and the acacia flower then give a touch of femininity to the composition. Finally, the base of “Eden” is intended to be more intense and delicately sensual, because it combines sandalwood and patchouli. To bring a final note to paradise, the bottle of “Eden” echoes a pebble of opaline with an asymmetrical round shape. What is particularly novel is that the bottle is the exclusive result of a mixing process of colored peppers. As a result, none of the bottles are 100% alike, letting our imaginations wander in this sweet olfactory paradise…

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