Eau de parfum La Petite Robe Noire Couture Guerlain

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Eau de parfum La Petite Robe Noire Couture Guerlain is a 2014 Oriental Fruity Gourmand Perfume by Guerlain for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Thierry Wasser . Top notes are Lime, Star anise. Middle notes are Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Cherry, Ripe. Base notes are Amber woods, Vanilla, White musks, Heliotrope, Caramel, Licorice.

Eau de parfum La Petite Robe Noire Couture Guerlain
Eau de parfum La Petite Robe Noire Couture Guerlain


Guerlain completes its wardrobe with the little black couture dress

Developed in 2009 , “The Little Black Dress” was an immediate success. The new model “The little black couture dress” makes its appearance today to the delight of these ladies … A sublime black dress sewn with floral and fresh notes.

The little black couture dress, delicate and racy notes

Step out the red carpet, because the little black couture dress is very chic and glamorous and nothing is more beautiful for her! It is Thierry Wasser, the official perfumer of the Guerlain house who imagined this dream juice. The rose, very present in “The little black couture dress” offers unparalleled elegance and romanticism. “The little black couture dress” begins with very sparkling raspberry notes associated with the freshness of bergamot. The beauty of the rose then makes its entrance accompanied by the chypre side of patchouli. Oakmoss and vetiver reinforce the depth of the composition. Finally, the wake of the tonka bean sublimates the other notes and brings a very generous creaminess…. “The little black couture dress” sets the tone. Seduction and pleasure are the key words for this new black dress.

The glamorous bottle of “La petite robe noire couture”

The majestic Guerlain bottle is back for “La petite robe noire sewing”. The bottle is made of thick transparent glass. It presents its rounded shoulders and its cap that looks like an inverted heart for more femininity. He then thinks of an old perfume from the house of Guerlain “Mitsouko”. The transparency of the bottle suggests a nice gradient from pale pink to raspberry pink. For this couture version, the black dress is long, elegant and slit revealing one shoulder and dressing the other with a tied strap. The little black dress is drawn in Indian ink. The sprayer is engraved with the two interlaced G’s, emblem of the Guerlain house. Everything here has been designed to push romanticism to its peak. This magnificent bottle is the work of Serge Mansau, to whom we also owe the designs of Dolce Vita de Dior,

“The little black dress” which saw the light of day in 2009 was a huge success, a success that continues today. To the delight of women, Guerlain is expanding its wardrobe with “La petite robe noire couture”. More romantic, more charismatic and more feminine than its eldest, “The little black couture dress” makes its appearance under the spotlight of its fans… Light!

In 2014, “The little black dress couture ”followed the huge success of“ The little black dress ”released two years earlier. “The little black dress” being the favorite dress of modern women, it was only natural that Guerlain decided to expand their wardrobe by offering variations of its star fragrance. Chic and ultra glamorous, “The little black couture dress” is now displayed with a slit dress revealing one side of the leg. The fragrance, always so romantic, nevertheless offers a more sparkling and more daring aspect than its elder.

< h2> The Little Black Dress a triumph signed Thierry Wasser for Guerlain

Although Thierry Wasser succeeds 4 generations of perfumers named Guerlain, you should know that he is not part of this family. However, this does not prevent Thierry Wasser from considering Jean-Paul Guerlain as his father and above all as his mentor. In this regard, he says, “Our relationship is one of the sensitive and the irrational. Which is very much in the strings of a perfumer “. Thierry Wasser is a man of immense talent, instinctive and deep who loves travel and raw materials! Thierry Wasser strives to be faithful to the spirit of the Maison Guerlain, by perpetuating the heritage of his predecessors. With his daring and originality, Thierry Wasser has succeeded in fitting himself brilliantly into the lineage of Guerlain perfumers. In 2012, he revolutionized the world of perfumery with “La petite robe noire”. We owe him other great perfumes such as “Idylle” or “Mon Guerlain”.

La Petite Robe Noire Couture: Sparkling and feminine notes

The “couture” version of “The little black dress” is more sparkling and its construction is more chypre than the original. “The little black couture dress” begins with the fruity and sweet tones of raspberries, quickly joined by the freshness of bergamot. The raspberry is the fruit of the raspberry tree which generally grows in the Mediterranean area. In perfumery, raspberries cannot generate essential oil, so they are synthetically reproduced in the laboratory. Raspberry is used in feminine perfumes, most often in gourmet, floral or oriental compositions. It gives off sparkling, tangy or sweet tones. The heart evolves towards tones that are both floral and chypre because it combines the rose, already present in “La petite robe noire”, and a chypre-patchouli accord. Finally, the base is distinguished and ultra sensual thanks to the presence of tonka bean, oak moss and vetiver. The set is contained in the iconic bottle of “The Little Black Dress”. Nevertheless, for her haute couture show, the black dress, always drawn in Indian ink, is long, elegant and slit revealing one shoulder and dressing the other with a tied strap.

With “The little black couture dress”, Thierry Wasser offers women a new black dress, even more sparkling, even more sensual. ..

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