Eau de cologne Cologne Royale Christian Dior

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Eau de cologne Cologne Royale Christian Dior is a 2010 Citrus Aromatic Cologne by Christian Dior for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy . Top notes are Bergamot. Middle notes are Lemon, Neroli. Base notes are Mint.

Eau de cologne Cologne Royale Christian Dior
Eau de cologne Cologne Royale Christian Dior


Cologne Royale, the exclusive Dior fragrance

For Cologne Royale, the approach is somewhat different. François Demachy pays tribute to Christian Dior’s love for the great 18th century balls, perfumed with Cologne while reinterpreting, in his own way, this essential perfume.

When perfumer François Demachy modernizes traditional Cologne for Dior

How to make this Cologne which perfumed the great men of the 18th century and well after, a fragrance which seduces both men and women of the 21st century? Many perfumers have tried this essential exercise in style, an exercise in style which, for example, marked each generation of perfumers from the Guerlain house. Regarding the house of Dior, François Demachy could not ignore this great classic, but as usual, he added his personal inventive touch to make this classic Cologne his Cologne Royale.

François Demachy is not only a talented perfumer, he is also a researcher of olfactory nuggets who does not hesitate to travel the world to discover the most beautiful raw materials. In order to compose Cologne Royale, he set out in search of the most beautiful citrus fruits, a pretty Italian mint and precious woods making striking.

“Cologne is a very codified perfume accord. Its quality depends entirely on that of its ingredients, especially its citrus fruits. So I went in search of the most beautiful notes to compose Cologne Royale. »François Demachy on Cologne Royale Dior.

In addition, François Demachy designed Cologne Royale for men who will appreciate its intense and unprecedented freshness, as well as for their female audience who do not shy away from their pleasure in using a fresh and vibrant Cologne without being virile. Cologne Impériale is therefore the only unisex fragrance in the Dior Private Collection.

Cologne Royale or the meeting of crumpled mint and Calabrian bergamot

Cologne Royale does not absolutely seek to stand out from the great classic Colognes that have marked this century like many of the previous ones. On the other hand, François Demachy has played on the quality and origin of the ingredients of Cologne Royale to stand out with a Cologne Royale which is as retro as it is furiously modern.

Cologne Royale therefore offers an exceptional sparkling and delicately flowery essence of Reggio Calabria bergamot from the outset in its precious bottle. She will come to meet a powerful heart of lemon married to a sweet and exotic neroli flower. But the mint from Italy will multiply the powers of these precious citrus fruits like an icy breeze falling on this Cologne Royale. However, the essence of sandalwood from India and New Caledonia will warm up the princely atmosphere of this Cologne to add a new touch of sensuality.

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