Cuir Curcuma Eau de Parfum

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Cuir Curcuma Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Affinessence Paris. The notes of this fragrance are Turmeric, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, leather

Cuir Curcuma Eau de Parfum
Cuir Curcuma Eau de Parfum


The first fragrance in the world to use natural extract of turmeric, Cuir Curcuma is a strikingly different kind of leather fragrance. Neither a Russian nor a Spanish (Moorish) leather, but rather, an Indian leather, it rises like a phoenix from the clay attar stills and tanning yards of Kannauj, where ancient ayurvedic principles of balance in all things still reigns supreme. Cuir Curcuma is fine leather cured with lots of earthy golden spice and hot milk, for a result that’s unusual enough to be distinctive but delicious enough to be comforting.
Cuir Curcuma cleverly plays on the theme of a traditional Indian drink called Golden Milk, an ayurvedic tonic taken in India to cleanse the bloodstream and balance all doshas. This golden elixir balances the iodic bitterness of turmeric with the sweet creaminess of whole milk, pulverized almonds, sugar, and pistachios. You’ll find that the same push-pull between?eat me?? and?don’t eat me?? carried through to the fragrance itself. The crazy-delicious lactones thrown off by the sandalwood create a?steamed milk?? effect similar to the one in Santal Basmati, but here it is spicier – woods cooked down with resin until the bottom layer catches and caramelizes. It smells incredibly tasty, but also tasteful, a sprinkle of salty, anisic myrrh stopping the scent from straying too far into gourmandise. Cuir Curcuma is a scent full of drama, its inky medicinal notes making you sit up and take notice. Sweepingly exotic, yet seductively cozy, this is the leather jacket you never thought you could pull off, and now can’t live without.

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