Chrome Pure Azzaro Eau de Toilette

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Chrome Pure Azzaro Eau de Toilette is a 2017 Citrus Woody Oriental Cologne by Azzaro for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Bergamot, Mandarin. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Marine note. Base notes are Cedar, Tonka bean, White musks, Mate.

Chrome Pure Azzaro Eau de Toilette
Chrome Pure Azzaro Eau de Toilette


Chrome Pure, the embodiment of the new Azzaro generation

Her love affair with men around the world began with the creation of Azzaro pour Homme before continuing, in 1996, with the arrival of the iconic Chrome fragrance. Also, 10 years after the release of this first part, Azzaro decided to reinterpret it in a new version called Chrome Pure.

Chrome Pure, the embodiment of the new Azzaro generation

Since its launch, the Chrome fragrance has illustrated the authentic and natural relationships between generations of men. It evokes shared and forever unforgettable moments, like those of Loris Azzaro with his grandson. Indeed, the creator of the brand has always been anxious to integrate a social side in his fragrances. He put a bit of his personal history into it while passing on a message. It is therefore logical that the brand is aimed today at a new generation of men. More modern than before, this innovative juice still revolves around the theme of new freshness. It is simply aimed at a new audience as if to be transmitted once again from generation to generation. Everything about him is aerial. Moreover, its name “Chrome”, comes from the Greek “Chroma” which means “color”. Loris Azzaro wanted him to echo the color of the sea, the fresh air, purity, freshness… The Chrome collection has always given off a feeling of fullness and calm. Also, as its name suggests, this effect only seems to have increased with the creation of the new Chrome Pure.

The accentuation of the freshness of Azzaro

Chrome Pure is reminiscent of its predecessor. Moreover, this is noticeable even in its bottle. Chrome Pure is dressed in a square container and slightly curved on the side, offering a perfect grip. Its metallic blue color of yesteryear has given way to a white lacquer synonymous with purity. The whole is always surmounted by a silver-plated cabochon, synonymous for Azzaro with nobility and perfection. What’s more, the set is topped with a chevron in the shape of a signet ring for a resolutely masculine look. Chrome Pure then takes us to new horizons, to more modernity. With him, contemporary life is lived with purity. It is like a walk in the great outdoors and sounds like a breeze of freedom and an ultra-fresh breath in everyday life. So although it is very contemporary, it seems more than ever to reconnect with the love of men for ultra airy juices such as the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Under its current air, it is thus perceived as being a kind of homecoming.

After paying tribute to the complicity between a father and his son, in 1996, the Azzaro brand set out to develop a complementary fragrance to its Chrome range. This one is called Chrome Pure. Like his older brother, he is inspired by Loris Azzaro’s deep sense of friendship. Indeed, it has always made sharing one of its fundamental values. Using the same philosophy as its predecessors, the new Chrome Pure respects the tradition of the Azzaro brand while bringing it a new freshness and more modernity. So let’s see how this translates into his recipe …

Azzaro collaborates with two perfumers

To make the new Chrome Pure, the Azzaro house called on two perfumers. The first of them is called Olivier Pescheux. This is not his first collaboration with the brand. In addition, we already owe him the Chrome Legend version. Renowned perfumers, this one always tries to obtain the best possible harmony in this perfume. Anxious to reveal the best of raw materials to his customers, he is famous for his very meticulous work. Moreover, this earned him, in 2010, the International Prize for best perfume. Here, Olivier Pescheux is accompanied by the talent of Jacques Huclier. An emblematic figure of current perfumery, he acquired his know-how within one of the most prestigious perfume schools in the world: the ISIPCA of Versailles. After spending many years on the other side of the Atlantic, he largely proved himself within the Givaudan brand as well as through multiple collaborations with the greatest creative houses. It is therefore the combination of these two extraordinary talents that we find at the heart of the new Chrome Pure.

The aromatic clarity of Chrome Pure

Together, Jacques Huclier and Olivier Pescheux have chosen to make a perfume incorporating the essential elements of the very first Chrome by Azzaro. They have chosen to keep its aromatic part while incorporating greater freshness as well as a deep modernity. They have dared to add new ingredients that have hardly been used in perfumery. However, starting Chrome Pure is fairly standard. It lets express the energizing freshness of citrus fruits. In this case, Chrome Pure starts with a blend of bergamot and mandarin. However, these two elements quickly give way to an unexpected raw material: Akilaga wood. This fragrant flavor is a pure synthetic product created from scratch by Givaudan. Its scent is halfway between that of patchouli and that of oud wood. Thus, this ingredient builds up this perfume and gives it more character. It is associated with an aquatic accord as well as the Mediterranean and luminous scent of orange blossom. Quickly, Chrome Pure evolves towards a more enveloping base. This releases a breath of cedar, tonka bean and mate. White musk, on the other hand, brings here a more airy and sensual sensation.

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