Chrome Legend Azzaro Eau de Toilette

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Chrome Legend Azzaro Eau de Toilette is a 2008 Fougere Aromatic Fruity New Freshness Cologne by Azzaro for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christophe Raynaud Olivier Pescheux . Top notes are Mate, Tea. Middle notes are Apple. Base notes are Oak moss, Vetiver, White musks, Tonka bean, Cedar.

Chrome Legend Azzaro Eau de Toilette
Chrome Legend Azzaro Eau de Toilette


Azzaro’s new freshness

Also, as if to increase the olfactory choice offered to its fans, the Azzaro brand has developed several variations. One of them was created in 2007 and is called Chrome Legend.

Azzaro’s new freshness

Men have always loved fresh scents . Moreover, they perfumed themselves for a very long time using Eau de Cologne. Also, the Azzaro brand decided, in 1996, to work on this freshness under a new aspect, making it more aromatic thanks to the creation of Chrome. The brand has thus become a pioneer in the field, paving the way for many fragrances following the same lineage. Nevertheless, to differentiate themselves once again, Azzaro launched Chrome Legend. This then works on freshness in a new aspect, making it more tactile. The idea was with him that “liveliness gains in pomp without losing anything in lightness”. It is therefore an unprecedented adventure that the Azzaro house offers us through Chrome Legend. This scent is that of a masculinity looking straight ahead, following the course of the pitfalls. This is’ a fragrance designed for an assertive and determined man, to conquer an El Dorado full of freshness. Thus, Chrome Legend floats a fiery cloud around it. It has an opulent elegance and smells of the fresh air. However, let’s not forget that the entire Chrome Legend collection emphasizes family and friendly complicity. Thus, although it is the embodiment of an adventure, Chrome Legend depicts a story that is not lived solo but that is shared.

Chrome Legend, a juice created by a duo

What is more, how better to evoke complicity than by choosing to give birth to this perfume from the hands of a duo? Thus, Chrome Legend was developed by Christophe Raynaud and Olivier Pescheux, two talented perfumers recognized for their boundless creativity combined with unparalleled know-how. The latter then set themselves the challenge of training freshness with exceptional intensity. To do this, they chose to start its flavor with the fruity and crunchy aspect of a green apple. This one is accompanied by bitter orange, a citrus fruit bringing more solar radiation and a tangy aspect to this juice. Then, mate and tea flower reinforce the sophistication of this start. There, spices open the way to a more aquatic heart. This contains saline notes, like those s’ evaporating foam bursting off the cliffs. Musks also come to make the whole more carnal and languid. Finally, the whole is based on a concentrate of masculinity based on woody tones. Chrome Legend ends with a blend of cedar, patchouli and vetiver. These are then coated with the sweetness of amber and tonka bean.

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